Tuesday, December 26, 2017

T-Girl Tales #5 by Crystal Veeyant (#shemale #sissy #bdsm #bisexual)

We all have our favorite authors, people who have inspired us, entertained us, and shared with us over the years. For me, Crystal Veeyant is one of those authors, with a literary relationship that dates back five years to Obedient Stepmom (originally titled My Teenage Daughter's Sex Slave).

There was a while there where it looked like she was going to retire, which was a shame, but she continues to arouse and delight with her short story anthologies, the latest of which - T-Girl Tales #5 - is now available.

The collection opens with Who’s the Boss, which indulges in one of the oldest tropes in forced feminization fiction, that of the boss-turned-bimbo. It is not the idea that makes this story work, but the telling, with sensual detail paired with some very dirty dialogue, some sexy twists, and a very happy (very sloppy) ending.

I cannot say enough good things about Miss Trudy’s Boarding School. Seriously, this could be expanded this into a full-length novel and I would still be begging for more. Here she takes the trope of a forced feminization boarding school and turns it into a glorious gift, rather than a cruel punishment. The detail around school rules and classes is exquisite, the stuff of fantasy, but it is the characters and their relationships that make it special. Crystal has a knack for embracing the kink in her character, pairing sweetness with sexuality, and establishing a truly perverse romance to help carry the eroticism along.

As for Sissy Bitch Justice, this was a true surprise, a story that harkens back to the darker, more dangerous days of Crystal's first stories. Eric is a street punk who sells drugs, but he wants out, so he decides to pull a double-cross . . . and gets caught. In a desperate attempt to save his own life, he promises to become Lucian's bitch and, with the help of a streetwise transsexual prostitute, he becomes a sissy white boy for the entire gang. Dark and depraved, this is a story that sees Eric dressed and drugged to endure the night ahead, where he is roughly abused by the men of the gang, but as it always the case in Crystal's stories, Erica learns to crave her new life, and even comes to find a kinky kind of love.

T-Girl Tales #5 offers up a trio of stories that straddle the entire rainbow of transgender fantasies, with sissies silly, sweet, and sexy. Fans will find even more to love here, while newcomers will find themselves hardcore fans by the end.

Crystal Veeyant is the pen name of a pro journalist and author. She loves crossdressers and transsexuals, and delights in casting them in explicit, erotic stories. Her books feature sissies and shemales in dramatic, funny and even heartwarming tales--real literature but with a zesty pornographic bent.


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