Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Autumn Encounters: Behind The Shutters by Casey Cullen (#erotica #bdsm #exhibitionism)

For a first collection of erotic fiction, The Autumn Encounters: Behind The Shutters is wonderfully well-written. In fact, the Foreword alone is lovelier than many stories I have read, and it sets the tune beautifully for the what follows. Casey Cullen introduces herself, invites us in, and makes us feel comfortable.

The Builder is a sexy story that takes the classic fantasy of the lonely housewife and the hardworking contractor, but makes it sensual instead of sordid. It is a happy story of two people making a connection, giving in to their urges, and enjoying each other.

The Student and The Tutor are two halves of the same story, a sexy taboo-breaking tale of a woman who seduces her student lodger - who, it turns out, has been masturbating to her photos. It is sexy and playful, and smartly keeps the dialogue to a minimum.

The Voyeur is a daring story of outdoor sex, a voyeur, and a couple's experiment with deliberate exhibitionism. Ashley and Jake are such a fun couple to watch, and the way in which they give in to the fantasy is delightful.

The Delivery is my second-favorite story in the collection, a BDSM-themed adventure in which a young woman stumbles on a shocking scene while delivering flowers. It is hot, sensual, and deliciously explicit, with a gorgeous Dominant who puts two women through their paces.

The Pet has the most unorthodox storytelling technique in the collection, which is part of what makes it my favorite. It is another BDSM-themed story, but this time the reader is the submissive, blindfolded and bound, so the Master must explain to us every pleasure and every punishment. It is intense BDSM, bordering on cruelty at times, but . . . wow.

The Same Room, like the opening story, takes an erotic trope and does something sensual with it. It is more a prelude to swinging than an actual swinging story, but explores the coming together of two couples. Exhibitionism is a theme here as well, but the real strength of the story is in the characters.

Polished, imaginative, and full of heart, The Autumn Encounters: Behind The Shutters is a collection that promises delightful things to come.

I am an Erotica author from the UK. Aside from my writing, my interests include nature, spirituality and psychology. When not writing I can usually be found walking, meditating or looking after and enjoying time with my livestock.

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