Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Stranger in 0-G by Kate K. Bassett (#erotica #scifi #bdsm)

The Stranger in 0-G is a prequel to an erotic science fiction opera called The Timewalker Saga from Kate K. Bassett.

This opening chapter is the story of a awkward family, one with secrets, and the promise of a lasting legacy. Pena is trapped in a loveless, arranged marriage with an alcoholic who treats her like a servant, and an odd child of whom she is genuinely terrified. There are some really creepy elements to that family dynamic, with the child's behavior almost bordering on horror.

What drives this story, though, is Pena's forbidden dalliance with a stranger who shows her the kind of erotic passion she has never experienced with her husband. It is a wonderful story within a story, with seductive dialogue, the simple restraint of ribbon, and the fantastical possibilities of sex in zero gravity. It is wonderful to see Pena come alive, and to see her come to terms with that enjoyment, knowing what it means for her marriage.

Coming back out of that scene, however, we find the story returning to places dark and dangerous, complete with hidden motives and secrets that will only be fully revealed in the books to come.

Kate K. Bassett was a former Senior project manager who worked for Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Fox, Turner Television and God Knows Who Else in her twenty year career. Her last project drove her so bonkers that she quit her white collar job and became a dirty, dirty creative. Health and sanity was WAYYY more than a paycheck. She’s not bitter. She really isn’t. She codes mobile phone games and writes horrible erotica ebooks depending on the mood she’s in.

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