Monday, December 4, 2017

You'll Do It For Me, Right? by Melissa Miranti (#femdom #chastity #bisexual #cuckold)

You'll Do It For Me, Right? is my second read from Melissa Miranti, and I am delighted to say that where Turned Gay by the Government was a slow, subtle tease, this is an explicitly kinky tale that fully delivers on the promise of Forced Bisexuality for Chastity Boy.

Arianna is deliciously dominant, a woman who controls her husband physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Rather than being cold and cruel, she is pleasantly affectionate, a woman whose "hearty laugh" is full of "seductive and evil delight." As for Owen, he is a realistic submissive, a man who is anxious about exploring his limits, but who has "a strange and wonderful kind of confidence" in his wife that empowers him to accept whatever she says he is capable of.

I loved the tease of the envelope, and the way his curiosity about it makes the next two weeks of chastity even more frustrating than usual. Adding to his torment is the fact that Arianna has put him on fertility vitamins that increases cum production, leaving him uncomfortably full and physically straining for release. What I loved even more, though, was how she talks Owen into accepting the fact that she wants to see him have sex with a man. When he protests he is straight and cannot do it, she reminds him of all the other things he said he could not do, and how he came to enjoy them.

To really spice things up, Arianna makes her husband seek out the perfect candidate, leaving him to go through the process of finding, meeting, and considering men to take his sissy virginity. It is one thing to wait anxiously and submit to a man your wife has chosen, but there is a whole other level of mental and emotional arousal involved in choosing your own stud. As for the big event, there are so many delicious little details described there, starting with Owen's fascination at being able to feel another man's heat, and to feel another man's heartbeat through the manhood in his hands.

There is a hot, intense bit of cuckolding that follows, and it allows Owen to transition from shame to arousal, preparing him mentally and even as he prepares himself physically, masturbating with a dildo for their amusement. Again, the story is all in the details, and I loved his recognition of how a real man feels inside him, so much bigger and warmer than any of his wife's strap-on dildos. Most of all, though, I loved the promise of a happily-ever-after, in which he accepts the fact it is okay for sex with a man to have felt so good, and gleefully accepts further chastity, declaring that he does not need to cum to have fun.

Melissa Miranti is an erotica writer from Brooklyn. Although she's fairly new to this, she's certain she can bring you the inspiration you need for your steamy nights. Her books cover a wide variety of interests, though you can certainly request a subject for her next book! She hopes you enjoy each and every word she brings you, whether you share them with another, or keep them all to yourself.


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