Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Very Public Day Locked in a Sissy Maid’s Uniform by Allyson Medway (#femdom #sissy #bisexual #chastity)

For my first taste of Allyson MedwayA Very Public Day Locked in a Sissy Maid’s Uniform was absolutely lovely. It puts a creative, realistic, yet deliciously kinky spin on the genre, exploring the willing humiliation of a young man who has discovered his sissy nature through submission to the right Mistress.

I love that the story addresses how Noah came to belong to Mistress Jasmine, acknowledging that other Mistresses failed him by trying to force him into the role of pain slut, when what he really craved - what he really excels at - is humiliation. It is Mistress Jasmine who first introduced him to feminine clothing, triggering something a revelation that opened them both to a deeper, more fulfilling relationship.

Personally, as much as I love sissy attire and female domination, humiliation has never been something that appeals to me, but Allyson struck a chord with me. There is a definite appeal in the anonymous sort of humiliation that Noah craves, and I loved how his transformation into Lola allows him to use that humiliation to drive him towards his ultimate goal of exploring his bisexual curiosity.

The details here are lovely, the dialogue simple but effective, and the personalities really make the story come alive. When it does finally come time for Lola to taste her first sample of manhood, the scene is a realistic as it is erotic, mixing sensations of lust with disgust. At the risk of spoiling the story, I was delighted by the way Lola explores her fantasy, without undergoing an instantaneous conversion in her orientation.

30-something Allyson Medway from the UK has made the big decision to leave the day-to-day office world to embark on a new journey doing what she loves, writing fiction. The books she writes vary from novellas with a toe-dip into an area of erotica to more in your face short stories focusing on a particular aspect of the BDSM culture. Her books though are always written through the eyes of one of the characters. They are intended to give a glimpse at the emotions involved as the story plays out.


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