Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Futas of the House Bundle 2 by E.V. Stonebraker (#futa #erotica #taboo)

Futas of the House Bundle 2 is, as the title suggests, the second collection of futa-on-male erotic from by E.V. Stonebraker. The three stories here range from kinky to sweet, and from erotic to romantic, but they all have something in common. The futas in these stories are not freaks, curiosities, or traps. There are no moments of shock or big reveals, just adventurous, taboo-breaking fun.

A Model for Stepdaddy is such a wonderfully unexpected slice of erotica that I am almost reluctant to say anything about it, for fear of ruining the surprises. Here we have a professional photographer and his step-daughter, collaborating on an erotic art project built around the idea of duality. It is about the duality of role, age, and gender, with the duality of Jean's futa nature at its heart, and their BDSM exploits carrying us to new heights.

Poolside Between the Brat and His Girlfriend is an edgy sort of story, placing Dylan's girlfriend and stepsister at odds in a battle of wills that leads to one of lust. At first, I did not like the cattiness of these two girls, but the way their adversarial relationship develops is fantastic, and the ease with which Dylan submits to his futa stepsister while his girlfriend watches is just delicious. There are happily-ever-afters for all, including the reader.

Dancing with Auntie Futanari may very well be my favorite E.V. Stonebraker story yet. This one is a genuine romance, with some wonderful character building, a little familial tension, and a delightful rom-com type chase through back doors, kitchen hallways, and a service elevator. Not only do we have the taboo aspect of a step-aunt, but that of a married woman who is also a lonely futa. I do so hope we see Adam and Rachel again in another story, because I am totally in love.

E.V. Stonebraker is your everyday struggling artist in the wonderful, secretive, ever-dreaming city of Los Angeles. She started writing erotica on a dare, and she's not looking back. By day, she's just one of the million faces you see on the morning commute. But as soon as the sun sets, E.V. is putting down unspoken, sexy, dirty fantasies in words for your reading pleasure.


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