Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Go Figure by Courtney Captisa and Claire Bear (#feminization #ageregression)

As the holiday come to an end, I find myself looking back at all the stories I somehow never got to, and feeling horribly guilty about it . . . so this week I am continuing to tackle the review pile from the bottom, catching up on my oldest reads, and doing my best to celebrate them as they deserve.

I am not sure I have ever seen a story move from dark, to fun, to sweet so quickly, and all with an undercurrent of cruelty that gives way to an unorthodox kind of love.

Go Figure: Husband to Daughter Forced Age Regression is the story of a spoiled girl, her alcoholic father, and the consequences of overreacting to changing wishes of a teenager. Courtney Captisa and Claire Bear start the story with a little drunken crossdressing, quickly move into a blackmail shopping trip, and then just as quickly double down on the blackmail.

Before long, Mark finds himself trapped in a dark deal that will see him spend the next month as young woman. The humiliation of the public shopping trip with his daughter was fun, but it is nothing compared to the embarrassment of his spa transformation. It takes a while before we understand just how thorough and how extreme that transformation is to be, but I love how it played out.

As for the sweet, it involves a middle aged father back in high school, making friends, flirting with boys, and ice dancing in his daughter's place. The story did not go where I expected it to, but fans know that Courtney and Claire are fantastic at giving readers the most unusual of happily-ever-afters, and this is no different. A fun, sweet story, and one that rises above the initial cruelty.

Courtney Captisa has had a strong interest in transformation since childhood. In her early teens, she discovered several webpages such as Fictionmania. She enjoys writing clean stories.

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