Monday, January 22, 2018

Kept as a Sissy by my Alpha Male Roommate by Scarlet Virino (#sissy #gay #erotica)

While it ends a bit too soon for my tastes, Kept as a Sissy by my Alpha Male Roommate does a lot of things very well, making it a fun tease.

Scarlet Virino captures the sissy mindset very well, exploring a young man at war with his own passions, exploring them in secret, while dreaming of so much more. What starts with dresses soon turns into fantasies of being taken - roughly - by well-hung men and well-equipped women. He has become so consumed with his fantasy that his life has suffered, leading him into ruin at school, and putting him at the mercy of his roommate.

Fortunately for him, as shy and anxious as Sam may be, Samantha is a submissive slut who is not afraid of her passions . . . and who is excited by her big, black, Alpha roommate's secret scheme to transform Sam into Samantha permanently. While we really only get to see the initial taking, and are told (rather than shown) the future that follows, I loved the exploration of sissy submission and beta obedience.

Scarlet Virino is a writer of  sissy, futa and genderswap erotica.

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