Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Sissy Feminization & Ravishment by Aura Delacroix

Although her Sissy Feminization & Ravishment collection delves a little too deeply into violence and humiliation for my tastes, Aura Delacroix has a flair for feminization and forced bisexuality that cannot be denied.

Feminized by Her, Ravished by Him: How My Two Best Friends Made Me Their Sissy Pet was a challenging read for me because of that violence. In fact, I nearly abandoned it because of the physical altercation between Evan and Christie, but I am glad I stuck with it. The violence has a purpose, with Evan's defeat the first step in his breaking. Watching him accept his femininity is interesting, but the real delight here is in watching him fall in love with Steven.

Ravished by My Wife’s Bull: How Stalking Him Led to My Feminization, Humiliation & Passionate Submission presented a similar challenge, in that the humiliation and degradation was tough for me to enjoy, but it all plays into the breaking of Ludlow - which is magnificent. In a way, that darkness is realistic, providing a justification for such a significant transformation. When he finally commits, however, his first full moment of sissy submission is wonderful.

Ravished in the Wilderness: Alpha Male, Gorgeous Trap, Intense Feminization & Submission was, far and away, my favorite story in the collection. The plane crash, the stranding of two such oddly-matched men, and the circumstances of being trapped together make for an exciting story. The evolution of Adrian and Brett's relationship is a slow one, but it has some delicious moments to it, and the happiness it ultimately brings Adrian is glorious. There is a darkness to the story, no doubt, but I love how it all came together in the end.

AURA DELACROIX writes erotica and romance bursting with first time feminization, sissification, crossdressing, humiliation, femdom, spanking, domination, submission, BDSM, and passionate love affairs in the most unexpected places and between transgender, gay, straight, and bisexual doms and subs. She lives in a house on the sunny shores of a little island in the Pacific and loves walking the beaches and forests, talking with friends over coffee, and writing dirty stories.


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