Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Legend of Asher Godfreed by Ellen Wilson (#futa #erotica #fantasy)

The Legend of Asher Godfreed is a naughty fantasy that mixes old-fashioned sword and sorcery with futanari erotica. Ellen Wilson tells a great story that has all the trappings of an epic fantasy, complete with elves, magic, and legendary heroes. It is deliciously familiar, pushing all my genre geek-girl buttons, and made me smile from the opening scene right through to the end.

Asher Godfreed is a wonderful character, a gender-swapped heroine whom the world has always assumed to be a man because of her unflattering (and realistic) plate armor. Janah is really only there to be rescued and seduced, powering Asher's sex-fuelled healing magic, but she is a fun character.

The sex is hot and fun, if a little too quick to the climax for my tastes, but I loved the aspect of hero-worship and the virginal infatuation. We only get to meet the rest of Asher's band in the final pages, but I would love to read more about them. Not to mention, Mavisa's villainous story is still to be resolved, and the tease of the witch Lulana opens even more possibilities.
Ellen likes to fantasize about sexy hermaphrodite women and enjoys writing about it. Now here we are.

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