Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Dickplomatic Immunity by Sacha Witt (#futa #femdom #mindcontrol)

Having absolutely adored Honeymoon, Sacha Witt's introduction to the shared FutadomWorld, I was eager to find more stories set in that near-future (or alternate present) country full of dominant futa beauties and their addictive mind-control semen. Dickplomatic Immunity is a very different story than the first, far more plot-driven and decidedly darker, but it was exactly what I was looking for.

This is an erotic espionage thriller, as intriguing as it is exciting. it really gets into the social politics of The Divine Empire, as well as the global politics surrounding FutadomWorld. It is a story of government sanctions, slavery, weapons of mass destruction, and diplomacy. We get a very real sense of how and why the world fears the seductive power of futa women, and we see what that fear has done to reduce their homeland to little more than a third-world country. It is a very smart story, with some fascinating insights into state secrets and the power of the free press.

Intertwined with all of that, however, is the story of a futa diplomat and the curious young man assigned to oversee her visit to Brazil, the country from whom the most damaging economic trade sanctions have originated. What initially seems destined to be a quick tale of seduction, breaking, and bonding becomes instead a slow-burning tale of seduction and romance, with the blossoming relationship opening the eyes of both parties to the realities of their shared situation. I loved how the physical and emotional aspects developed, even as dark revelations made me question Ekaterina's true motives.

The erotic culmination of that affair is absolutely glorious, with the slow penetration of a curious but still intelligent man a stark contrast to the insatiable appetites of her bimbo males back home. It is an edgy affair, with some issues of dubious consent involved, but it all plays into the espionage angle - with a final twist that tears the story wide open, and leaves me hungry for more.
An erotica author, programmer, and very selfless lover. Sacha's previous works include Flotsam and Jism, A Gift To The Sea, and, of course, Honeymoon.  The other half of the writing team.


  1. This one seems like an interesting story to pick up.

    1. It was really interesting. I love it when erotica is smart and issue-driven.