Monday, February 26, 2018

Hooked & Nailed by Angel by Archer Tinto (#femdom #erotica)

I have a total fetish for being pampered, whether it is just the everyday experience of the nail or hair salon, or something more immersive, like a spa or a masseuse. There is something intensely erotic (and sensually submissive) about just sitting there, completely at ease, while another person controls and manipulates you. It is a fetish that made Spa Devotional so thoroughly enjoyable, and one that had me equally excited for Hooked & Nailed by Angel.

Hooked is very much a companion piece to Spa Devotional, only this time it is a gentleman paying the outrageous sum to be thoroughly pampered . . . and, as he discovers, exquisitely dominated. Archer Tinto could have taken the easy way out and just flipped the names and genders, but instead he demonstrates a deep understanding of the nuances of male versus female submission.

This is a story of sensory deprivation, unexpected surprises, and the erotic mix of pain and pleasure. The bewildering experience is conveyed beautifully, as we really do feel just as on edge and just as unsettled as the gentleman being massaged. It is almost maddening, an experience destined to break both mind and body, leading him into depths of submission he could never imagine. Without saying too much, I do not believe I have ever witnessed anal exploration, oral stimulation, and the caress of hot wax used to both distract and heighten sensation.

While Hooked does flirt with line of dubious consent, making its subject wonder what he has signed up for, Nailed by Angel gleefully crosses that line.

Nailed by Angel may be one of the most dangerously erotic stories I have read in quite some time. It is a story that is all about consent, opening with an act of bondage and restraint that is hard not to see as a crime, slipping into some very non consensual erotica, and then blossoming into the blissful surrender from dubious consent to reluctant desire. Archer Tinto writes with an edge here, but conditions us to play along by setting up Edie as a rude, inconsiderate, demanding woman who deserves to be taught a lesson.

The element (or question) of consent is what makes this so exciting. As readers, we can see the potential for joy in Edie's restraint, the possibility for pleasure in her manipulation, but we are also aware that our level of comprehension is far different from hers. Even as she has every orifice filled by the women of the salon, every inch of her body stimulated, there is still another woman working diligently on her nails. It is so surreal as to be sublime.

Having said all that, I dare you not to think about this story next time you go to get your nails done. How such a simple experience could become so blissfully erotic, so sublimely sensual, is . . . well, almost hard to comprehend.

I've loved reading since I was a kid. I’ve been writing intermittently for years, and I finally decided to polish off some stories and toss them out to readers to see what you think? So far, they are all in the sensual erotica realm, with eight published. But I’m working on a much more complex novel. I love feedback and constructive critique from readers, and I love learning, and discussion with other writers and readers.


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