Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Lick Me Clean! and Our Bicurious Boy Toy by Simone Scarlet

Every once in a while I like to just kick off my heels, lay back, and relax with some pure spank bank erotica. No real story to speak of, and no complex character arcs, just some fetish-fueled fun. None of that is a knock against Simone Scarlet, whom I have come to adore, but it does set the scene. ;)

Lick Me Clean!: A Cheating Wife Gives Her Husband a Fresh, Hot, Sticky Treat is . . . well, it is about exactly what the title says. It is a cuckolding tale with a fun spin on it, with a hubby who wants to believe the worst about his wife, who tries very hard to hide the evidence of her affair. It is a fun, playful tale, with some incredibly erotic foreplay, some delicious dialogue (Gina's confessions tell a great story on their own), and a sensory overload of delights.

I loved how embarrassed and uncomfortable she was with her hubby's affections, and how he made it very clear that rather than being gross, she was delicious and delightful. It is a cuckolding story where the actual cuckolding takes place off the page, but Gina relates her afternoon at the gym so well, it is like a story embedded in a story. Best of all, this is a fun, loving, kinky story, free of the humiliation and degradation so common to the genre.

Our Bicurious Boy Toy: A Submissive Stud Gets Shared by a Dominant Bisexual Couple is truth in advertising as well, with no surprises - you know what you want, and that is exactly what you get. Okay, so maybe that is not the whole truth, but you do get there eventually. First, there is a really hot story of female domination, spurred on by a young stud who admits that sometimes he just wants a woman to take charge - even though he has no idea where it will lead. That aspect of the story is more verbal and mental that physical, with Gina dominating Kurt more by force of will than any physical means of control or restraint . . . until, that is, she takes him to the bedroom.

While it takes a while for her hubby to arrive on scene, Kurt's first time with another man is well worth the wait. Rather than being a story of forced, or even reluctant, bisexuality this turns into an adventurous tale of coerced bisexuality. Being helplessly bound opens Kurt to the experience, but he quickly warms up to the idea and allows his curiosity to get the better of him. It makes for an exceptionally hot threesome, with Kurt getting the best of it, but the important thing is that it is all in the name of sexual exploration.

I definitely need to showcase Simone Scarlet a bit more often, rather than just enjoying her stories on the sly. Oh, and one more thing, I am not sure anybody has a cover style or themes as consistently delightful as hers, so go ahead and judge these books by their covers.
Simone Scarlet was originally born and brought up in a cathedral city in England, but moved to America a few years ago. She's always written erotica, and has been published in magazines like Hustler and Jacques on both sides of the Atlantic. She has an INCREDIBLY eclectic range of sexual tastes, and most of them find their way into her stories in one way or another!

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  1. Thanks for the reviews - I'll have to check them both out.