Tuesday, February 27, 2018

TG Love Potion by Courtney Captisa & Claire Bear (#transformation #hypnosis)

What could be more fun than a love potion and a beautiful girl across the hall? How about a TG Love Potion and a beautiful girl's brother . . . who has no sense of boundaries? In one of their shorter tales, Courtney Captisa & Claire Bear have a lot of fun with the consequences of one mistake, and the series of bad decisions that follow.

Tim has been crushing on Emily, but struggles with how to break the ice, so he decides to buy her a gift for Valentines. The weird older woman who invites him back to her secret shop is a lot of fun, and the magic bottle of pink pop she sells him seems too good to be true. It is a shame that Emily's brother is the only one home when he drops it off, but everything would have been perfect if only Jon had resisted that first sip.

The gender transformation is quick, intense, and very thorough - physical, mental, and emotional. Not only does Jon become a woman, but he remembers having always been a woman . . . and, of course, he is in love with Tim. It makes for a crazy, frantic story, with a fantastic confrontation between Tim and Emily when he tells her the truth about what happened and why.

The real fun comes, of course, when we learn whether the love potion did more than just change gender. If you know Courtney & Claire, you can guess how that plays out!

Courtney Captisa has had a strong interest in transformation since childhood. In her early teens, she discovered several webpages such as Fictionmania. She enjoys writing clean stories.

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