Monday, February 19, 2018

Your Best Damn Girlfriend Ever by R.U. Wild (#transsexual #pegging #femdom)

Your Best Damn Girlfriend Ever is so much fun, it should come with an over-stimulation warning label. It has sex, comedy, sex, drama, sex, romance, and . . . oh yes, sex! Seriously, R.U. Wild does a superb job here, exploring two overlapping romantic triangles, and getting deep into female domination from two physically different perspectives, but with the same emotional and intellectual issues.

Thomas is a great main character, a horny college student with an eye for the ladies, who becomes infatuated with the statuesque beauty, Angel. She takes charge of their relationship, even before their first date, giving him very clear instructions on where, when, and what to bring. The way they come together is glorious, but it is the way Angel reveals her gender that really wowed me. There is no shy, tentative reveal here, and no moment of visual shock. Instead, we get a frenzied scene of erotic adventure, with Thomas sitting on her lap, so lost in the feel of her hands and her breasts that she is almost ready to explode before he realizes it is not a strap-on inside him. What follows is a night and a day of uncontrollable passion, in which she has her way with him in every position imaginable. Angel is horny, sexually insatiable, a committed top, and an extremely dominant personality.

Ironically, it is not being a sexual boy-toy bottom that breaks Thomas, but her spankings for not cleaning her room properly. For an erotic comedy, the book does a fantastic job of exploring the difference between submission and slavery. We get as deep inside his head as Angel did his behind, and the way he struggles with his identity is fascinating - especially once we understand that it is stories of his strap-on pegging by another girlfriend that led Angel to target him. I do not want to say too much more, but Mandy presents and interesting flip-side to Thomas, an ordinary girl who struggles to understand her own dominant desires, caught between boyfriends, lust versus love, and the guilty, burning desire to once again wield the power of a strap-on. Thomas is torn between these two women, both unattainable due to other relationships, yet irresistible every time temptation crosses his path.

The story does get a little dark in the closing pages, with some issues of abuse that provided yet another interesting contrast (this time to consensual BDSM), but the way in which those overlapping love triangles come crashing together is fantastic. If you are a lover of dominant women, dominant transsexuals, and submissive boys, and love seeing a boy exploring the erotic pleasures of penetration, then this book may very well be Your Best Damn Girlfriend Ever.
I'm R.U. Wild, a Midwestern farm boy that has an interest in dominant Tgirls, or shemales or transwomen, but no matter what you call them, I like women that have a penis. My stories revolve around situations where the men are submissive to these women and I'm pretty much writing for the other people out there that share my interest. When I'm not writing, you can find me farming, playing sand volleyball, restoring old cars and all the rest of the normal stuff that people do. I like to cook and homebrew too. I have two dogs and two kids and I'm happily married to my high school sweetheart.

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