Monday, March 19, 2018

Futa's Passionate Plans by Reed James (#futa #lesbian #erotica #genderswap)

At this point, it is a toss-up as to whether The Futanari Chronicles or The Knight and the Acolyte will be known as Reed James' crowning achievement, but what I can say with certainty is that, four books in, The Futanari Chronicles is a series that just keeps getting stronger.

Darker, edgier, and emotionally draining, but none of that is a bad thing.

If there is a defining theme to Futa's Passionate Plans, it is one of conflict. Here we have a country in conflict, with the forces of Helen and Ally at odds with those of President Fierro and the entire US military. It is also a story of gender in conflict, with futanari versus male and female, gender swapping one and transforming the other. The futanari are taking over entire cities with cum bombs, and sending missionaries out across the country to create pockets of resistance, while pilgrims are pouring into Washington, desperate to be transformed.

More importantly, though, it is a book that is full of personal conflict, and it is those emotional entanglements that make this so compelling.

The relationship between Helen and Ally is already strained, with the former's compassion at odds with the latter's single-minded passions, but the arrival of one of their alien benefactors drives that wedge even deeper. A woman of violet skin, turquoise dreadlocks, full breasts, and two cocks, she oddly produces much less cum than the human futanari (which begs all sort of questions), and seems incapable of emotions like grief and compassion. Dr. Zhao is not helping the situation, holding her darkest experiments secret from them both, and her alliance with the alien has threats of its own. On top of all that, the President has sent in an immunized FBI agent to infiltrate Helen's inner circle, a futanari spy who finds herself torn between the desire to serve two different mistresses.

It is the growing conflict between Isabel and Helen that grips my heart the most, though, and I really do hope Reed provides us with the happily-ever-after they so deserve. Isabel is in love with her creator, and wants to be more than just another of her favorites, but she is incapable of saying anything. Her fear, coupled with her compassion for Helen's purpose, prompts her to become a missionary herself, a journey that makes her realize what she really needs out of life. My heart breaks for her, watching her realize what a mistake she's made, and knowing how much Helen needs her support.

Of course, this is Reed James futanari erotica, which means it is exceptionally sexy, and drenched in enough futa cum to drown an entire town. It is hot, intense, and imaginative, and there are even a few new taboos explored, with the arrival of a virgin wanting to be transformed a definite highlight. On top of the sex, there are also some interesting intellectual discussions, with the questions raised about utopia and tyranny of particular interest.

Futa's Passionate Plans ends with a bang, advancing the plot while creating newer, deeper conflicts to drive the next book, and we almost - almost - get a resolution between Helen and Isabel that makes my heart sing (although I remain anxious and nervous for them both).

Reed James is a thirty year-old guy living in Tacoma, WA. "I love to write, I find it freeing to immerse myself in a world and tell its stories and then share them with others." He's been writing naughty stories since high school, furiously polishing his craft, and finally feels ready to share his fantasies with the world.

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