Monday, March 26, 2018

I am a Pegger & Ms Wright by Pegasis (#erotica #pegging #femdom)

If you are a fan of female domination, female empowerment, and female sexuality, then I am a Pegger may just be the book for you. Pegasis weaves a powerfully intense story about a young woman who is searching for that one man in five who enjoys submitting to her fetish for pegging.

The story is well-told, moving from first date to first drink, and from romance to seduction. We get to witness the establishment of a subtle power-exchange as the narrator quickly takes charge, ordering for the couple, insisting she pay her half, and taking the lead as they step out the door. At the same time, we see Craig subtly give in to every decision, setting him up for the far less subtle domination to come. When she coyly suggests skipping foreplay and moving straight to anal sex, he is eager to follow her lead, never suspecting what she has in store.

I loved how she convinced Craig to give in to her desires, talking him through his fears, and guiding him into submission. Everything begins slowly and sensually, with a little spooning easing his penetration, before it gets wild. There are a pair of nice little twists at the end, as we get to see how they respond to one another, and why she has been pursuing men like him, which makes for an entirely satisfying climax.

Ms Wright is one fantasy layered on top of another, as Tim's dream of backpacking around the world is put on pause by the realization of a cougar fantasy, and then postponed altogether as the afternoon gives way to bondage, spanking, and pegging. By telling the story from Tim's point-of-view, Pegasis allows us to share in the delight of his deflowering.

While it is clear from the start that Ms. Wright - Janet - is a hardcore cougar, looking to take advantage of her young neighbor, her true intentions are slowly unveiled. It all starts with a book on Kinbaku/Shibari rope bondage that she leaves out for Tim to see, leading to him quickly being bound and used to give her the first of many orgasms. It turns out she is a squirter, and the story gets real kinky, real messy, real fast.

By the time Tim has given in to oral worship and spanking, taking her purple strap-on dildo just seems like the natural next step. I love how she falls completely under her spell, eagerly craving each new depravity, and the climax here is a whole other kind of fantasy fully realized.

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