Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Mommy's Futa & The Futa Hiker by Marissa Scott (#futa #erotica #taboo #lesbian)

Whew. Is it hot in here, or is it just me? Mommy's Futa is advertised as an Erotic Step Romance, but it is far more than that. It is a kinky, taboo, hardcore work of erotica that somehow manages to be sweet and romantic at the same time. Marissa Scott does not spend a lot of time on story or character building, but invests just enough detail to frame up the erotica.

I loved the idea of a young woman suddenly discovering she is futa, struggling with something of a second-stage puberty. Her stepmom has been trying to talk her out of her loneliness and depression for months, but it takes being snowbound during a storm for force a conversation. Of course, tell quickly becomes show, and mommy is more than happy to teach her daughter to appreciate her erotic duality.

This was smoking hot, pushing the taboo to the very edge.

The Futa Hiker is subtitled as a Futanari Erotic Romance, and it delivers on both the erotic and the romance. Marissa Scott explores another young woman struggling with her emerging futa nature, only in this case she decides to hit the road, rather than dwell on her fears and insecurities. Fortunately for her, a wrong turn on the trail leads turns out to be a happy accident.

When the woman emerging from the hidden lake turns out to be futa as well, things get really interesting. Both girls are looking for something, but had no idea it would be each other. Their mutual circumstances soon give way to curious attraction, and before long they are exploring the benefits of having the best of both worlds. Their sex is hot and frantic, intensely passionate, and with a touch of romance after.

I love it when a story starts dripping wet, but even more when it ends in a flood of passion.

Marissa Scott was born in NE Ohio, and currently lives in central PA. She is an erotic romance author who writes steamy stories about a wide variety of topics, including Lesbian, group sex, spanking, bondage, and more. Her books are filled with the kind of details not found in other shorts.

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