Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Oozing Deep Inside & Filling Her With Warmth by Thomas Pike (#shemale #lesbian #pregnant)

From The Ocean It Came was a more subtle story than I was used to from Thomas Pike, with some really sensual detail, and even a touch of humor, with a monstrous pregnancy that was very well done. I cannot say I was expecting a sequel, but I am absolutely delighted to find one in Oozing Deep Inside. First off, I loved the opening to this, with Kate still working as a beach vendor, despite the job wearing her out, and no longer caring about any hot guys who see her bulge, because none of them could fill her the same way that giant blob of slime did.

Kate's anticipation is so beautifully captured, and I loved how she transforms herself from victim to seductress. She coaxes out this year's monstrous blob like one would a skittish animal, only the treat she is offering must be earned. Nothing quite what she expects, though, and she finds this slime has a mind of its own. It is one erotic surprise after another, filling her where she last expects to be filled, and refusing to drain her as she needs, but I think my favorite moment is when her fear of asphyxiation gives way to hunger for the throbbing tentacle of slime slipping down her throat.

Where the first story ended with the ocean, this one continues long past that, with a very pregnant Kate desperately seeking release, only to discover that her slimy hormones have made a lesbian of her. Fortunately, her lover of choice appreciates her extra equipment, and . . . well, I hesitate to say too much, but their very, very messy fun leads them to the ocean together in a scene that is sure to please lovers of shemale, lesbian, monster, and pregnancy erotica, all at once. Wow.

It has been a long, cold winter since we last saw anything new from Thomas Pike, so you will excuse me if I double my pleasure and dip into his backlist with Filling Her With Warmth. This was a warm-and-cozy delight, a story of long-time friends who become lovers during a long night in the dead of winter.

The awkward, innocent, unintended seduction is exceptionally erotic, as Chloe does her best to keep Leah warm, but cannot resist what their closeness does to her. It is a story of chills and goosebumps, not all of which are caused by the cold.

There is a sweet slumber-party feel to the entire story, erotic exploration between the sheets, and the thrill of discovery. It is a very sexual tale, but a very tasteful one as well, more about the needs and emotions than the explosions. I loved how the experience brought them together, and how the development of their relationship was full of love and respect, rather than any guilt or second thoughts.

Best of all, following the storm, Filling Her With Warmth continues the story, letting us know exactly what the consequences are of that impulsive night, putting a perfect cap on it all.

Thomas Pike is a quiet and reserved fellow, one that you would never expect to write the stories that he does. Whether he is reading or writing, originality and creativity is what he strives for. Tentacles, belly inflation, shrinking, MILFs, parasites, bizarre situations and settings, and hard throbbing peril are just a taste of what he writes!

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