Thursday, March 29, 2018

T-Girl Tales #6 Family Affairs by Crystal Veeyant (#shemale #sissy #taboo #bisexual)

Yes, all you sexy sissies and pretty pervs, the one-and-only Crystal Veeyant is back with T-Girl Tales #6 - the Family Affairs edition! While she always loves to play with taboos, this one is a step (*ahem*) in an even kinkier direction!

"Travels with My Aunt" is a rather deceptive little story, one that I am ashamed to say did not really capture my attention at first, but which slowly grew into my favorite of the collection. It is a subtly twisted story, with set-ups and betrayals that are not clear until the final pages. In between, we have the glorious discovery of a young sissy, his flight from the threat of psychiatric confinement, and his sexually-charged transformation into an erotic transsexual with his step-Aunt's assistance. The characters here are just lovely, and there are so many little kinks and fetishes sprinkled in - I was really excited to see Crystal play with castration as a cosmetic enhancement - that it just keeps getting better.

"Dressing Up Daddy" is pretty straight-forward (as much as anything Crystal writes can be called straight!) tale of a crossdressing step-father, his manipulative step-daughter, and her lesbian lover. It is a fun story of blackmail, assisted feminization, female domination, pegging, and more. If I were to have one complaint about the collection, though, it would be that this one ends too soon. There is a threat/promise of a sissy's first gangbang at the end that I would have really liked to see.

"Sissy Nuns for Mother Superior" is a story that challenges the first for my fave, a Vietnam era tale of two young draft dodgers, their kinky step-mom, the lesbian convent she has come to dominate, and her shemale lover. I love kinky blasphemy, with erotic twists on religious practices and costumes, and this one strikes the right balance between gleeful submission and genuine reluctance. The contrasts of two step-brothers with different kinks and varying levels of submissive, crossdressing desires is glorious, allowing us to experience two different transformations, with the eager submission of one gradually wearing down the reluctance of the other. This one was exceptionally sexy, and I completely fell in love with their Mother Superior and her transsexual sister.

Finally, "Mom’s Roadhouse Slut" brings together characters from Mom’s Truckstop Shemale and Stepmom’s Sissies in the kind of fantasy kidnapping scenario that she does oh-so-well. Rest assured, her characters are never in any real danger, but the edginess makes the kinkiness so much more intense - and easy to appreciate. This is probably the most taboo of the collection, with multiple combinations of step-family members involved, lots of role-playing dialogue, and wall-to-wall sex.

As I tend to say about all of Crystal's collections, T-Girl Tales #6 is a great new addition to her library for fans, and an even better place to start if you have never enjoyed her unique brand of sissy and shemale erotica. And, if it does make a fan of you, you will be happy to know there is a bundle of T-Girl Tales 1-5 available!
Crystal Veeyant is the pen name of a pro journalist and author. She loves crossdressers and transsexuals, and delights in casting them in explicit, erotic stories. Her books feature sissies and shemales in dramatic, funny and even heartwarming tales--real literature but with a zesty pornographic bent.


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