Monday, April 23, 2018

Attack of the North Korean Giantesses by Moctezuma Johnson (#gts #futa #smutpunk)

Okay, so the first thing you need to know about Attack of the North Korean Giantesses is that it is smutpunk. Quintessential smutpunk. That means it is crazy, daring, philosophical, socially aware, sometimes nonsensical, and weirdly erotic. Moctezuma Johnson is an artist as much as he is an author, and the narrative structure is almost as fascinating as the story.

This is the smutpunk equivalent of a sci-fi b-movie, a story full of spaceships, secret agents, giant women, giant futas, and aliens. It is a ton of fun, with everything from crushed cities, to breast milk pools, to human dildos, but there is far more to the story. There are also wartime atrocities, repressed memories, and complex relationships, all of which make the story relevant as well as entertaining.

Of course, this is smutpunk, so be prepared for quick-cut scenes, surprise twists, random bits of erotica, and even author intrusion into the narrative. Nothing about it is simple, and I love that.

By the way, for those of you keeping track, this is the fourth outing for the Five Hive, MJ's latex-clad Women-in-Black, following on the stiletto heels of Attack of the Replicating AliensThe Battle for Alien RelishPop & Lollie. You do not need to have read them to enjoy this, but (fair warning) you will want to when you are done.

Moctezuma mixes cyberpunk, futanari, pop art, comics, splatterpunk, and erotica in a high-pitched gender-bender genre-blender running on high. That's why they call him King Smutpunk. If you want to taste what bestselling author Linzi Basset calls "that imminent euphoria that MJ excels at" then you need to start drinking smutpunk up.

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