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Cleanup Dumpster: Cuckold Training by Jessie Sinclair (#cuckold #creampie)

Generally, there are two categories of cuckold erotica. There are the 'happy' stories where the hubby comes to understand and appreciate his place, taking an active role in enabling his loving wife's pleasure . . . and then there are the 'bitter' stories, where the hubby is degraded and humiliated, and exists solely to suffer his mean wife's abuse.

While I am firmly a fan of the 'happy' stories, I do have a fetish for cleanup duties, so I decided to give Jessie Sinclair read by dipping into her Cleanup Dumpster: Cuckold Training collection. These stories most definitely fall under the 'bitter' category, but they do have their moments.

Humiliation and degradation are common to all six stories here, with plenty of small-penis humiliation, praising of "real men," and talk of superior couples. The wives are mean, verbally abusive, and often physically abusive to their hubbies. There is talk of blackmail and divorce in two of the stories, but otherwise there is no explanation for why a man would stick around and constantly endure such treatment.

As for the cleanup duties, they are largely forced upon the hubbies as punishment, to further their degradation. We are told how gross it is, how horrible it tastes, and how disgusted the hubbies are. They take no pleasure from the acts, not even from being permitted a chance to orally please their wives. I get it, that is how the cuckold fetish works for many people, and if you get off on the cruelty and the humiliation, then you will likely enjoy this collection. Personally, however, I find these stories far more rewarding when the hubbies rewarded with cleanup duties, rather than punished, and can take some pleasure in being of service to their wives.

Having said all there, there were a pair of stories that stood out, appealing to me despite my own tastes in cuckolding. "Cuckold Ultimatum" features a hubby in chastity, being pegged by his wife on their bull's instructions, and ends with the suggestion that he is about to be taken by the real thing. A lot of erotic potential there, and even if the emphasis was on negative emotions, my fantasy was able to fill in a lot oft the gaps! "Serving Them: First Time Cuckold" had some nice touches to it as well, particularly in how it has a slow lead-in, establishing the husband-wife relationship, and making the moment of breaking more believable. It is also the only story where the hubby is able to find any pleasure in his duties, as demonstrated by his feelings when fluffing their bull - "I tried my best to suck on his head with my lips. I played around with my tongue in hopes of pleasing him."

If you are a fan of the 'bitter' side of the fetish, then you will likely enjoy the Cleanup Dumpster: Cuckold Training collection. Even if it is not to my tastes, Sinclair writes very effective verbal humiliation, and has a voyeur's eye for describing intercourse.

Jessie is an erotica writer who loves everything about the world of femdom. She loves being in control of men and having them squirm under her feet. Her favorite topics to write about include foot fetishism, financial domination, chastity, tease and denial, ballbusting/CBT, and cuckolding. Her collections of stories are based on personal experience and her deepest, most exhilarating fantasies.

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