Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Futa Ranch: Krystal's Story by JC Winchester (#futa #lesbian #erotica)

Oh my goodness, it has been far too long since I have last enjoyed a JC Winchester story! As much as I loved his Shelley Series, though, I think Futa Ranch may already be my favorite, at least if the rest can extend the magic of Krystal's Story!

I dare you - in fact, I double dare you! - to read the prologue and not feel compelled to immediately devour the story that follows. There is so much detail in that single page, but it deftly explains how and why futanari first appeared in the world, how society reacted, and why Miss Anna's Futa Ranch came to be.

In a world where futas are still relatively new, a sad, lonely (and largely virginal) Krystal comes to the Futa Ranch, looking for work. It is there that she meets Melissa, who not only helps her come to terms with the natural blessings of being futa, but guides her into enjoying the erotic thrills that come with those blessings. The first act of the story is theirs alone, and it is delicious! JC manages to merge the inherent sexuality of insatiable futas with the lingering innocence of self-discovery, making for a glorious morning of love-making.

The second act may not be as explicit, but it is fascinating because of the character building involved. It is Krystal's first night working the Futa Ranch, and we get to see her learning her way about the lounge, interacting for the first time with women who are attracted to her. It is nerve-wracking and uncomfortable, but also encouraging and empowering, helping her to overcome the lingering doubts left by her angry boyfriend and Baptist parents.

In the end, though, all of this is just foreplay to the final act, which is one of the most sexual, most sensual, most gratifying scenes I have ever had the pleasure of reading - okay, to be honest, rereading, and more than once! Melissa introduces Krystal to Stef and Riley, a lesbian couple who have come to indulge in the pleasures of the Futa Ranch. There is some wonderful gender-bending here, with Stef looking very much like a tomboy, yet acting as the more feminine half of the couple, and just about every combination of twosomes, threesomes, and foursomes you could desire. It is all tender and erotic, never at all crass or trashy, with real personalities and emotions behind the intercourse. There were a few moments that had me doing mental gymnastics to imagine just how everything fit where it did, but I am so glad the pieces came together!

JC has promised that each book in the series will tell a new character’s story, which I think is fantastic, but I do hope we at least get a glimpse of where Krystal's Story takes her next!

JC Winchester grew up reading just about anything he could get his hands on, from cereal boxes to the Hardy Boys. He loves most forms of fiction, particularly fantasy and military sci-fi, with some of his favorite authors including John Ringo, Robert Jordan, and Tom Clancy. After several years in the Navy he enrolled in a community college and eventually to a university in the mountains. There he settled down, savoring a life not filled with the noises of the city but instead the sounds of bellowing cattle. When not writing he can usually be found taking care of the horses on his place, riding, hiking, fishing, or the never ending task of splitting firewood..

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