Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Naughty Nun's Nasty Habit by Syndie Truelove (#futa #blasphemy #bisexual)

I originally wrote this for the WTF Weekend gang's Hell for the Holidays theme this past weekend, but they went with my Futanari Convent contribution instead (which was still a super-fun read)!

Although she has not published much over the last year, Syndie Truelove remains one of my favorite erotic storytellers. Her work is often dark and dangerous, full of taboos and dubious consent, but it is also well-written and imaginative, with real characters and sometimes complex story lines.

Naughty Nun's Nasty Habit is one of her shorter works, but I love the way it is constructed, with a pair of stories almost 40 years apart that are connected by a haunted nun's habit. Between her Note to the Reader, which talks about Salem Witch trials and mass hysteria, and the opening Confidential report, which quickly summarizes how and why the Church discounted the more fanciful accounts of what happened, the story feels like it has some legitimacy, even before it starts.

Surprisingly, it was the events of 1943 that intrigued me most, especially with the delightfully crazy Sister Linda, who inadvertently opens the door to hell with her unholy (and creative) alteration of a nun's habit. The rather forceful seduction that follows, especially between her and Sister Rebecca, is both horrific and erotic, and marked with some of the most deliciously unacceptable dialogue you can imagine. It was almost a shame that Father Gallagher had to come and join them, although it does significantly up the kink quotient.

Do not get me wrong, the 1983 story is delightful as well, with the crossdressing young man granted his fondest wish but that same haunted habit, but it is more frantic and sex-fueled, without the context or edge of the first story. I did love how his personality so quickly changed, and his futa transformation was almost as delicious as watching a much older Father Gallagher compelled to desire the touch of another man. The second story is quite kinky, with an entire Halloween party gone wild with supernatural desires, the connection to the first is well-done, and the ending is glorious (at least for the young crossdresser).

Just to tease us a bit more, however, Syndie closes Naughty Nun's Nasty Habit with a future epilogue that suggests not only have we not seen the last of that haunted habit, but there may be no stopping it next time.

Syndie's writing, like her life, is diverse and exciting with often unexpected twists. Whether it is Syndie's continued exploration of dominant females, gender identity, or transgender related topics, Syndie's fans and readers never know exactly what to expect next. When not writing, she works as a legal secretary and has returned to college to complete her bachelors degree in psychology..


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