Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Safe Landings by Kay Brandt (#romance #lesbian)

Something of a theme to the reviews this week, exploring castaways and survivors who find themselves discovering surprising new facets of their sexuality. Women discovering futa, men discovering men, and women discovering women - a little something for everyone. :) 

For a book called Safe Landings, Kay Brandt has written a powerful story that is full of risky liaisons, damaged relationships, and the ever-present threat of emotional crashes to follow the physical one. It is intensely erotic, with scenes of heterosexual, bisexual, and lesbian lust, but what makes it memorable is the strength of the characters and the depth of our emotional engagement in their lives.

The story opens with Elaine preparing for an illicit afternoon with her lover, while ignoring a message from her husband. She loves him, but there are definite hints of tension there . . . which only get more complex with the her invitation to have Tessa turn her extramarital affair into a threesome. Meanwhile, we meet Jessica as she is savoring the cup of coffee her boyfriend brings to their bed, their sweet love leading to an early morning tryst in the shower.

Two very different women, and two very different relationships, but the shared tragedy of a plane crash - of which we only see the terrifying moments of final descent, with the consequences explored through the rest of the story - creates a dangerous, unhealthy opportunity. Both women are changed by their experience, and the combination of pain, guilt, fear, loss, and lust for life brings them together after meeting in therapy. The two become awkward friends, bonding over the experience, but it takes a while for anything to happen. In the meantime, we see how their personal lives continue to change, and we also see just how damaged they are. It makes for an uncomfortable story at time, but a realistic one as well - had they simply walked away from therapy and suddenly become lovers, it would have felt cheesy and insincere.

We are more than halfway through the story before Elaine and Jessica become intimate, but it is so worth the wait. With all those emotions in the background, the physical aspect of their relationship is even more erotic, even more intense. The story goes to some surprising places in the last few chapters, with another pivotal accident changing things again, but the ending . . . well, the contrast of fantasy and reality is delicious, sort of bringing things full circle.

Oh, and if you like the book, you are sure to love the movie!

Kay Brandt is a seductive storyteller, award-winning adult filmmaker and bestselling author, delivering a passionate blend of story and explicit, graphic content. Kay's current creative passions include writing/directing a new genre of adult films based on erotic books.


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