Thursday, April 12, 2018

T.S. I Love You EX1 by The Amanoja9 (#comics #shemale #newhalf #erotica)

Continuing our theme of illustrated delights, I am delighted to have the opportunity to introduce you to some the full-length erotic work featured on FAKKU! (the largest English-language hentai publisher in the world), starting with the English translation of T.S. I Love You EX1 by The Amanoja9.


The Amanoja9 is a legend within the hentai genre, so I was very excited to have the chance to review T.S. I Love You EX1, the first sex-positive adult manga from Japan to be published in English featuring transgender characters.
One word of minor caution to readers - this is a collection that falls firmly in the newhalf or shemale genre, which is highly fetishized, and which does not always use the most politically correct pronouns, but which is still very much gender-positive.
This first volume contains 5 stories, beginning with Between Men, which starts out with a very uncomfortable young man being asked to film his newhalf neighbor as she masturbates. It is both intensely erotic and surprisingly sensitive, with talk of a semen fair where her bloated condom will be raffled off, and a seduction conversation where Momoko-San patiently explains to Yuuta-Kun that being attracted to a newhalf does not make you gay. The artwork is gorgeous, especially where Momoko-San is concerned, and the chaotic mix of narrative, dialogue, and sound effects suits the frantic passion of their mutual exploration.

Ma'am! You're Spilling Out of Your Leotard!! is an altogether different story, with a young man who has a fetish for newhalf bulges in sweaty, stinky, well-word swimsuits and leotards. This one turns the tables a bit, casting him as the seducer of the married newhalf upstairs, and the most erotic aspects of the story happen while he sucks, licks, and masturbates her through the leotard. There is even a bit of crossdressing here, as she has him wear the leotard for a while, opening up a few new fetishes. The artwork is, again, frantic and erotic, and there is even a panel or two showing a cutaway view of penetration, which is a huge fetish of mine.

Their Secret Base was my favorite of the collection, a sweet and sexy story of the secret love between two boys, which has its roots in Mi-Chan defending the feminine Shinobu from school bullies, but which really started when he first dressed Shinobu in his mother's bra and panties. Where the story gets interesting is when Mi-Chan decides to try crossdressing as well, and his mother catches them in the act, leading the boys to be separated . . . until they meet again, years later, at a newhalf salon. The artwork here really fits the story, being simpler, cleaner, and more streamlined, with a lovely emphasis on capturing their femininity, although it does still have the busy, almost overwhelming climax you would expect.

My Black Diamond is a comic I had to read twice to really appreciate. It is so easy to get lost in the story of the young man obsessing over his favorite newhalf stripper, dreaming of more than just stage blowjobs and swollen-condoms, and ultimately getting his chance when she graduates to street hustling. Even though we know it cannot last, their love affair is fun to watch, and you cannot help but envy his new home life while it lasts. When you look beyond the story, though, you realize how carefully The Amanoja9 drew this story of contrasts. The color is the first thing you notice, with Lisa's black skin making his look ever whiter by comparison. Next is the size difference, with Lisa towering over him and dominating every panel. It is absolutely glorious.

The last story, Mama's Milk, is the shortest in the collection but a cum-lover's delight. Mama is a newhalf MILF with a taste for younger men, and she can only get off with clients who have a taste for her milk. The story starts - starts, not ends! - with her filling a champagne glass with cum, and watching the young man she dragged in off the street drink it all down. It is only then that she is interested in having sex, and the story ends with the promise of more glasses to be savored.

Gorgeously drawn, erotically written, and full of some of my favorite fetishes, T.S. I Love You EX1 is an outstanding addition to my comics library. Check it out, and be sure to see what else FAKKU! has to offer while you are there!

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