Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Becoming Futa Bundle - Books 1 - 3 by Kalliope Sweet (#futa #transformation #erotica)

The problem with sweets is that, no matter how good they are, you always want more. Much the same can be said for Kalliope Sweet - as delicious as her introductory Becoming Futa Bundle is, I want more . . . so much more! Fortunately, should you be so inclined to binge, there are two more bundles available, covering Books 4-6 and Books 7-9, but I am getting ahead of myself.

This first bundle is a story of transformation, self-discovery, and uncontrollable fantasy. It all begins with discount birth control pills that look like Elle's usual brand, but which have some interesting side effects - namely, the erotic growth of her clitoris into a large, beautiful, fully functioning penis.

I loved the way Sweet detailed the transformation. It is like an infection - a futa flu, if you will - that hits her physically, emotionally, and mentally. She spends much of her first day in a sexual delirium, aroused and confused. It is not an immediate transformation, but a slow progression of tingling, growth, masturbation, swelling, and more. It is the language that Sweet uses, though, and the intensity of her words, that really make these scenes work.

The other aspect that is handled beautifully here is the increasingly kinky sexual fantasies that Elle experiences. They start out simply enough, with a few idle thoughts and erotic questions, but the story gets to the point where the fantasies become so intense, so overwhelming, that they feel real. Without saying too much, there is a scene at the end of the third book where Elle gets into her car (after one of the most erotic lunch dates I have ever had the pleasure of reading) and the fantasies become so utterly consuming, you have to read the scene twice just to confirm she is alone in the car.

I am so glad Sweet did not give into temptation and transform that lunch scene into some sordid sexual encounter. As much as I wanted to see Elle enjoy her first lover, I get a sense Sweet is saving her for her husband, and that is so much the scene I want to read! These first three books are absolutely wonderful, so well-written, and so sensually erotic, that I know I will be coming back for seconds . . . and thirds.

Hi, I’m Kalliope Sweet. I write about Futanari—you know, girls with a little something extra down there. When I’m not doing that, I read, paint and search for new ways to waste time. I’ve often fantasized about having the best of both worlds. How would it happen? What would it feel like? It’s the process that turns me on the most—the idea of a changing body and a mind seized by foreign thoughts, feelings and desires. I love hearing from my readers, so feel free to contact me.

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