Friday, May 18, 2018

Book Challenge: 10 Books in 10 Days

The wonderfully talented and amazing Reed James tagged me in the Book Challenge on Facebook last week, where the objective is to share 10 books, over 10 days, that have impacted your life. 
For those of you who have yet to friend me on Facebook, I thought I would share my picks here.
What about you? What would your 10 books be? I would love to know.

Imajica: Quite possibly the finest novel ever written - beautiful prose, magnificent story, and such memorable characters. One of the few books I take the time to re-read once a year.

Kushiel's Dart: One of the most stunning works of epic fantasy I have ever read, as well as one of the most erotic works of submissive bisexuality I have ever enjoyed.

The Bone Doll's Twin: The first mainstream epic fantasy novel I ever read that tackled gender themes in a way that spoke to my heart, and also a wonderful tale of a boy who grows up to be a heroine.

I'm Looking Through You: This was an early stealth read for me, and something of a litmus tests for friends who knew of my fascination with ghosts, but maybe not gender.

The Bachman Books: I probably could have done 10 King books alone, but the novelty of this still fascinates me, especially since King allowed Rage to fall out of print (a mistake, in my opinion).

Wizard's First Rule: With the concepts of a Confessor and the Mord-Sith, significant female domination entered my mainstream fantasy for the first time.

The Secret Self: This was my most coveted secret read, top-shelf erotic romance from the local Coles Books that I reread over and over and over again.

Raise the Titanic!: Not to date myself (LOL), but I read this a year or two before Ballard's discovery (long before Cameron's film), and it kindled my love of history and underwater exploration.

Rhapsody: I fell in love with Rhapsody from the start, a strong-willed fantasy heroine, who is completely unaware of her magical beauty, and the adventure is top-notch. 

Goddess (Memoir of a Transsexual): This was the first book I ever reviewed here, so if any book could be said to have changed my life, this is it.

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