Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Cheerleader: Boy for the Cheer by Daring Diane (#crossdressing #feminization #YA)

There are some books that you love from the first page, some that grow on you as the pages turn, and some that just never find the right hook. For a little while, I was honestly afraid Cheerleader: Boy for the Cheer might be one of the latter, but then I suddenly paused in my reading and realized three things:

One, I really liked these characters - I felt like I knew them.

Two, I bought into their relationships - both friendships and rivalries.

Three, I absolutely loved how opportunistic crossdressing slowly led to feminization.

While the narrative style and language threw me off a bit at the start (this is very much a Young Adult read), Daring Diane has actually crafted a very well-rounded coming-of-age tale that realistically deals with sensitive issues of gender expression.

Part of me kept waiting for the big twist or big reveal, and I think that is why it took so long for me to grow into the story. This is not about those 'gotcha' moments that drive so much transgender fiction. Instead, it is a story about the characters, their situation, and Lee's natural progression.

Not only has Diane made me want to read more of Cheerleader (Boy Can Cheer) is next, but she has me curious about her other series.

I enjoy writing books where the main character gets themselves into situations which may evolve out of their control. The primary books I have published on Amazon focus on cross-dressing or gender challenged characters who in the end are good people.

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