Thursday, May 31, 2018

Mistaken Identity by Donna Jay (#lesbian #romance)

Although my wife would likely never forgive me for such a misunderstanding, the case of Mistaken Identity at the core of Donna Jay's kinky little romance is a lot of fun. It is an honest mistake, even if it was helped along a little by alcohol, and the moment Kelly realizes the confusion is beautifully handled.

Just imagine if you had orally pleasured the wrong woman, a woman who knows who you were, but who remains a complete mystery to you. It is a delightful way to kick off a comic, sometimes kinky, romance.

As is often the case with Donna's work, it is the characters who make it so enjoyable, and the honesty of their encounters that keep the story grounded. I loved the age difference between Kelly and Paula, and thought that was a great way to bring us into the story, but the other romance was even more intriguing. The BDSM elements are subtle and playful, entirely suitable to novice readers to dabble in, and the emotions are even more exciting than the physical sensations.

I was afraid this was going to get dark, sad, or confrontational, given the fact that it opens with an accidental act of infidelity, which leads to distracted longing, with at least one partner who is kind of a witch-with-a-b, but Donna keeps it tight and positive. I was equally afraid the 'big reveal' of Kelly's lover might not live up to the anticipation, but it does . . . and then some. Mistaken Identity is a fun read, a delightful romance with as much heart as humor, and far more chemistry than kink. Another fab read!

Donna lives in the land of the long white cloud, otherwise known as New Zealand. Living in a picturesque country and enjoying the outdoors has provided many opportunities for her to create stories featuring dominant, loving women. 

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