Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Red Bun Motel by Ash Winnapeg (#feminization #gloryhole #gay)

I first came across Ash Winnapeg though her Gemma Kong series, which captivated me because I absolutely adore the idea of a beautiful, plus-sized, transsexual seductress. I will get around to reviewing that soon, I promise. Before I do, however, I wanted to have some fun with her most recent two-part saga, the Red Bun Motel.

In Night 1, we meet a young man by the name of Angel, who has discovered just how difficult it is to make it in the big city. Broke and desperate, he responds to a job ad that seems too good to be true. Spoiler alert, it is!

Pressured into signing a contract, which he makes the mistake of not reading, he soon discovers that the Red Bun Motel is a depraved, glory hole sex club, and his new job is going to work one of those holes.

Sexually, this is a very exciting story. There are some lovely details in how the Motel is explained, and I loved how the Motel's senior mentor befriends Angel, doing her best to protect him, while adding an extra layer of suspense with warnings about breaking his contract. The sex itself is realistically portrayed, with the kind of details you would expect from a young man's first gay experience, and the sordid nature of the glory hole feels genuine.

Where the story fell a bit short for me was in terms of Angel's acceptance of his situation, and the overall editing. For a straight man tricked into what amounts to indentured servitude, he is far too calm and accepting of his situation. Sure, he is reluctant, but never really freaked out or shocked by the situation. The fantasy is fun, but the story could have benefited from a little more realism. As for the editing, there are spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes throughout that interrupt the reading experience.

Night 2 picks the story up, you guessed it, the second night of Angel's week-long contract. He figures it is just going to be a repeat of the first, and is relieved to be placed in his remote back room again, where he expects little business. Unfortunately, the Motel's owner is precisely as slimy and sinister as you might expect, and he knows a glory hole virgin is good for business.

The atmosphere early on is wonderful, as Angel hears voices and footsteps approaching, knowing they are coming his way, yet being powerless to stop them. He has been sent an entire bachelor party, and they are as rowdy as they are horny, pounding on his wall and demanding service. It is a genuinely frightening situation, and Angel's fear and reluctance are better conveyed here than in the first night. I love how overwhelmed he becomes with so many throbbing members to service.

Where the story gets really exciting - and, to be honest, this is why I picked the series to read - is when Angel is feminized and forced to take on the role of a virgin bride. It is a rough sort of sissification, eased by the use of poppers, with the groom-to-be having no idea that he is taken the anal virginity of a man. Sexually, it makes for an incredibly erotic scene, with Angel slowly transitioning from dread and anxiety to a guilty sort of pleasure.

This second chapter is better edited than the first, with only a few distracting punctuation and grammar errors in the final pages, and overall strikes a better balance between fantasy and realism.

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