Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Double Secret by Koima Miu (#comics #trans #bisexual)

Continuing our theme of illustrated delights, I am delighted to have the opportunity to explore more of the full-length erotic work featured on FAKKU! (the largest English-language hentai publisher in the world), this time with the English translation of The Double Secret by Koima Miu.


I am pretty sure I counted more than two big secrets in The Double Secret, but far be it for me to quibble with such taboo-bending erotic fun. Koima Miu packs a lot into the story, including a forbidden love affair between Mika, her step-father, and her best friend, Natsuki.

I absolutely adored Natsuki, who has an entire chapter of the story dedicated to her. We get to see her transformation from boy to girl, which is detailed tastefully but erotically as well. It is not just about clothes and makeup, but an entire shift in appearance, personality, and attitude.

Adding an extra layer of taboo, Mika's father is also the girls' teacher, while her mother is an anti-pornography education critic who secretly masturbates to femboy yaoi. In terms of the story, her father is really just a masculine figure for the girls to pleasure themselves with, with his spewing penis on display far more than his face, but he does play an important role in teaching Natsuki to embrace her gender and accept her sexuality.

Her mother, though, has a story of her own, one that allows us to see what a sexually voracious woman she is. She does not have a lot of time for her husband, and when she does, he is generally too tired and worn out from his adventures with Mika to satisfy her. Where her story gets really interesting is when she comes home one day to find a strange girl sitting on the couch, assumes she is from the escort agency her assistant recommended, and ends up becoming intimate with Natsuki - but only after forcing her to reveal her gender. That case of mistaken identity leads to even more complicated erotic encounters, with sweet romance interwoven with the kinky erotica, but what puts it over the top is the introduction of Natsuki's sister, who is a queen to horny professionals!

Visually, this is an absolutely gorgeous comic, with vivid, action-packed panels where dialogue bubbles and sound effects are part of the experience. The focus and scope changes from panel to panel, but what remains consistent is the facial expressions that hold the story together. The Double Secret has 10 chapters in total, covering over 200 pages, and the story does evolve throughout, with a climax and a resolution that are as worthy of an erotic novel as a comic. If you have a open mind, and open heart, and a few toys lying around, check it out, and be sure to see what else FAKKU! has to offer while you are there!

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