Thursday, June 21, 2018

Judgement Day by Saline (#comics #transformation #femdom)

Returning to our theme of illustrated delights after a few weeks off, I am delighted to have the opportunity to feature some more exciting titles (and artists) from Amazing Transformation Comics.

Saline, one of the co-founders of the site, graces us once this morning, sharing the first chapter of her ongoing series, Judgement Day 


Judgement Day is a best-selling 7-part series that Saline has been working on since 2014. With each chapter coming in at approximately 100 pages, it is an in-depth series that has the time and space to completely deliver on its premise. Set in 2025, it explores a future where outsourcing and automation have decimated the working class, creating a wide divide between the ultra wealthy and ultra poor, leading to the return of indentured servitude.

The story opens with an interesting prison-cell conversation that puts two very different spins on the concept, with one prisoner refusing to become a slave, preferring to remain poor and homeless, and the other looking forward to being taken care of, and trained for a new career. When Joe gets to court, the moral quandary gets even deeper, as his lawyer explains that while his creditors' terms may be unfair, he agreed to them, and they have the right to collect . . . and then we find out there are bribes behind the scenes, and that sets Joe up for a very interesting future.

Visually, the comic makes excellent use of color, backgrounds, textures, and more to set the scene. Joe's home is dark and sterile, devoid of color or decoration, and prison is very much the same. It is in the judge's chambers that we get our first real look at how the better half lives, with elaborate wooden furniture, books, and a fireplace, and it is in the re-education facility that we are first exposed to real colors, with the nurses dressed in hot pink, and the gel of the transform chamber a jade green.

The page in which Joe undergoes his transformation is a stunning example of Saline's work, three simple panels that show his physical progression, with the subliminal messaging flowing around him, and the lower panel explaining what is happening. The female domination aspects are even stronger, with the dominatrix Matron looking and acting the part, but what I loved most is that she does not simply force him to take on a feminine role against his will, but instead convinces him it is in his best interests. There is still a great deal of resistance and tension to the story, and Joe is pushed to some erotic extremes in an effort make him accept his place.

I talked a bit about the backgrounds and settings, but it is the characters that are Saline's strongest visual aspect. They are beautifully drawn, with realistic features, natural movements, and gorgeous clothing. The contrast between tomboyish Joe and the ultra-feminine looking teachers is almost shocking, reminding us of who he is and where he is meant to go. Makeup, hemlines, heels, fingernails, hair . . . they all look fantastic, perfectly imperfect, as they should be. For a first chapter, Judgement Day is a complete story, but it leaves a lot to be explore.

Take a walk on the wild side with Saline’s brand of feminizations!  Mistresses and masters abound in her stories putting the “ladies” through their respective passes, using any and all methods at their disposal, from extreme science to more conventional methods.

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