Thursday, June 28, 2018

Judgement Day 2 & 3 by Saline (#comics #feminization #femdom)

Returning to our theme of illustrated delights after a few weeks off, I am delighted to have the opportunity to feature some more exciting titles (and artists) from Amazing Transformation Comics.

Saline, one of the co-founders of the site, graces us once this morning, sharing the next two chapters of her ongoing series, Judgement Day 


Judgement Day is a best-selling 7-part series that Saline has been working on since 2014. With each chapter coming in at approximately 100 pages, it is an in-depth series that has the time and space to completely deliver on its premise. Set in 2025, it explores a future where outsourcing and automation have decimated the working class, creating a wide divide between the ultra wealthy and ultra poor, leading to the return of indentured servitude.

Judgement Day 2 explores a number of new themes and ideas, and really advances the story, while further reinforcing the hopelessness of Josephine's situation. There is a threat of sex slavery to make him more attentive to his lessons, and the suggestion raised that his resistance is actually due to repressed desires - which, of course, just horrifies and angers him even more.

The heart of this chapter, for me, is the hypnosis scene. Saline arranges is beautifully, giving those pages a stark black background, with floating dream-line images and elaborate text arching around them, so that the words overwhelm the images.

We see the Doctor implanting memories of prom, as a girl, with Josephine horrified by her cock on awakening, desperate to have removed, before her own memories come back, fighting the new ones, and creating confusion. There are more promises and compromises that follow, each one designed to break down his resistance, and get him used to femininity.

The story continues to explore the contrast between Joe (Josephine) and Leon (Lynn), with one miserably fighting every step of the Matron's, and the other gleefully accepting it . . . and desiring more. It is here were Saline's artistry really shows, with contrasts in body shapes, postures, facial expressions, and clothing all serving to distinguish the two prisoners. The story ends on a contrast as well, taking us from the safety of the salon, and the thrill of feminization, to the dangers of dungeon detention.

Judgement Day 3 picks up the next morning, following a scene of bondage and stimulation designed to break Josephine's homophobia, with another key exploration of how prisoner's respond to their situation. The scene of Lynn milking Josephine is just delightful, seeing how she takes pride in making her roommate cum, and then learning she does not want to mount him - in fact, Lynn wants nothing to do with her lingering manhood. It is a powerful scene, with a lot of emotion, that really spoke to me.

Sadly for Josephine, that refusal leads to a difficult choice. The Matron threatens him with penetration by a monster of a man, but offers to save him from it if he will sign the papers for his permanent sex change. If Lynn's distaste at using her cock was powerful, the punishment Josephine is willing to endure to keep hers is even more so - admirable even. Sadly, we do not get to see much of her first mounting, and I was surprised she did not come out of it more damaged.

It is amazing how may tricks and techniques the facility uses to change Josephine's attitude, but that emphasis on the mental conditioning and emotional breaking is what makes this so fascinating. Rather than try to seduce her into femininity, they try to scare Josephine away from masculinity, telling her that real men are used as disposable manual labor.

We also get another fantastic contrast between friends when Josephine arrives at the infirmary to find Lynn unconscious and bandaged. He is terrified and angry, sure that they have abused Lynn against her will, but then she wakes, revealing herself to be excited, happy, and absolutely delighted by newly enhanced feminine appearance.

The other thing I love about this series, which I have not talked about much, is the bedroom talk between Josephine and Lynn. It is illustrated like a girls' slumber party, especially in the way they lie there, surrounded by dialogue bubbles, but the content of their conversations is (of course) far different. It is such a simple thing, only a few pages of the story, but just like the hypnosis scenes, it demonstrates how Saline uses all the elements of comic storytelling to capture the moment.

Take a walk on the wild side with Saline’s brand of feminizations!  Mistresses and masters abound in her stories putting the “ladies” through their respective passes, using any and all methods at their disposal, from extreme science to more conventional methods.

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