Monday, June 11, 2018

The Professor is Now a Woman by Jessie Ash (#genderswap #transformation)

Alex is the kind of professor who believes his project is the most important, the most valuable, and the most worthy of funding. He is arrogant and self-assured, and desperate to prove his worth while he still has the chance. With his funding at an end, and his last serum sample hours from expiry, he decides to inject himself . . . only to find The Professor is Now a Woman.

Jessie Ash weaves a short, intense tale that reminds me of The Incredible Hulk, only instead of turning into a green monster when he gets angry, Alex turns into a busty woman when he gets aroused. The transformation is well-described, with plenty of interesting detail, and the mental confusion is handled well.

With a frantic story, taking place over just a few days, Jessie relies on characterization, personalities, and desires to drive the story forward. There are some nice surprises along the way, and even a few twists to keep things interesting. It ends a little too quickly for my tastes - I would have liked to see more exploration of Alex's new form - but there is something to be said for keeping things tight, and preserving the impact.

Jessie Ash is an avid fan of scifi romance/gender transformation fiction. Her passion is taking ordinary characters and thrusting them into a world of steamy seduction as well as chatting it up with her readers. She's also a sick and twisted soul—just saying.


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