Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Warming the Match-Seller by Takara Twist (#cuntboi #intersex)

Do not let the title, the cover, or the blurb fool you - Warming the Match-Seller: CuntBoi Classics is actually a period piece that takes an interesting look at gender . . . although that is not clear at first. In fact, it is not until more than two-thirds into the story that we get a reference to "hooves and wheels on cobblestones" that places it definitively.

Takara Twist does a super job of capturing both the language and the atmosphere, using it to tell a tale that feels odd at first, but which soon becomes captivating. Kasper, once known as Karloine, is referred to as reverse-futa but is really closer to intersex. He is a slender young man, complete with light facial hair and a deep, boyish voice, but with a vagina. Homeless, on the street, he earns pennies in back alleys from men, some of whom could care less about his true gender.

It is an ugly, sad story for the most part, with Kasper being taken advantage of, and while it is sexual, it is not really erotic. That all changes, however, when he is rescued from an accident by a man named Angelo who cares for him. We do not get to see a lot of their relationship - just enough to change the tone and direction of the story - but the promise of love is a beautiful one.

Filth with a twist! See your favourite themes turned upside down. Enjoy futa but looking for a change? Fan of m/m but craving a cunnilingus scene? Love omegaverse but not keen on butt-born babies? Then see if reverse futa might be for you! Come and see our handsome young vagentlemen.


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