Monday, July 16, 2018

Futas & Feminizers by Solar Harris (#futa #crossdressing #bimbo)

Oh, my - it is has been far too long since I last enjoyed a story by Solar Harris. In fact, aside from the Futa Explosion anthology we contributed to last year, it has been 4 years since Samuel reviewed Acquired and I reviewed Collected. It is so nice to reconnect!

Futas & Feminizers offers up Seven Short Tales of First-Time Femininity and they cover the full spectrum of erotic gender exploration.

The core of the collection is Mandy, a three-part story that sees a novice crossdresser coaxed out of his shell by an online friend who dares/bribes him into taking his feminine persona public. I normally do not like stories that have chat element to them, but here it works because it lets us into Mandy's frame of mind, even as we see her develop through those nervous, tentative, exciting first steps.

Kellie is probably my fave story of the collection, and not just because it introduced the term dickwitch to my world! It plays with a few of the standard gender swap tropes, but the sex-magyck is exciting (not to mention erotic) and the transformation is beautifully sensuous.

Gooner is an odd story, because it uses a narrative device that I generally find awkward, with the protagonist talking to the reader as if they are the other character, but here it really works, becoming an almost hypnotic tale of bimbofication. Harris then switches things up a bit, getting back to more realistic fantasies with Morgan, in which our feminized virgin makes a verbal vow of submission that is incredibly erotic, leading to an ending that has a bit of edge, but which is full of bliss.

For those interested in futa sex, Cherry is a dirty, sordid bit of bathroom sex, and I love it. The passion and the control she has over the lucky boy she has chosen is glorious, and even with the whole story from her POV, we can still appreciate precisely how incredible and experience it is for him.

As short as they are, the stories in Futas & Feminizers are all complete tales, with likeable characters, some drama/mystery, and (of course) intense eroticism. Solar Harris is a wonderful writer, and I need to make a point of catching up with more of her stuff.

Solar Harris resides in southern California and retains dual citizenship in assorted virtual worlds on the internet. Solar is the author of the ACQUIRED series of genderbending sci-fi erotic thrillers, the sci-fi serialized erotic TG adventure Rubyfruit Plus as well as a number of other erotic fiction novellas and short stories.


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