Monday, July 30, 2018

My Wife Is an Alien by Eva Roche-Poésy (#futa #mpreg #erotica)

My Wife Is an Alien by Eva Roche-Poésy is not at all the book I was expecting. The cover blurb sounded playful and fun, but the story is actually much darker than that, opening on a melancholy note, and wandering into dubious consent territory by the end. In terms of narrative, it is a bit disjointed and unfocused, leaping between scenes and exploring POVs that do not really fit, assuming it is a story being told to a reporter - and, if it is not, then the scenes with the crazy, bubbly reporter really have no purpose.

That said, it is a stronger story for its darker emotions, and I am still glad I gave it a read, even if it seems we will never get the promised second part.

Fred is a wonderful character, a man for whom we feel immediate sympathy. Brenda, his wife, is not as well-developed in terms of personality, but her transformation is fantastic. We get to see a professional, distracted, very feminine wife (who rarely has time for sex) grow bigger, stronger, more passionate, and more sexually dominant. She comes to overpower her husband in every way, forcing him to perform and endure sex acts he never before imagined.

Brenda's newly developed futanari nature is a bit odd, not quite what we are used to seeing in the genre, but still exciting. There is a lovely sense of anticipation and discovery as Fred slowly comes to realize how much his wife has changed, and I liked that the story never loses sight of mutual pleasure in exploring his final submission.

Sadly, the story ends on a cliffhanger, and I fear we may never see it resolved, as it has been more than 2 years since Roche-Poésy last published. Read it, review it, and spread the word, and maybe (just maybe) we can woo her back for the sequel.

Author and artist Eva Roche-Poésy was born in France, grew up in NYC and in her mid 20s returned to Europe where she continued to write and travel. She ghost writes for numerous travel blogs and magazines and has lived in Denmark, France, German, Russia, The Netherlands and Spain. She spends her days playing with her kids, writing and searching for delicious wines and interesting foods.

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