Monday, July 30, 2018

Stretched at the Clinic by Guy Stacks (#femdom #forcedbi #erotica)

Stretched at the Clinic was a lot of fun, with Guy Stacks exploring how an arrogant Alpha male is taken down a peg and made to appreciate his partner's pleasure. It does have an odd tendency to equate bisexuality with femininity (for the record, there is no feminization here, despite some of the language used), but not in a negative way.

First, Rob is defined very well, allowing us to understand just how much of an arrogant, domineering, controlling, Alpha Male is . . . and appreciate just how thoroughly (and happily) he learns to submit to the pleasure of others. Second, the nurses at the clinic are beautifully dominant, trained to use their sexuality to treat their patients, without any sort of humiliation or degradation. Finally, the doctor himself is a refreshing sort of gentle dominant, a man who knows how and when to insert himself into the scene, taking advantage of Rob at his most vulnerable.

This is not a story of breaking an Alpha, but of reshaping a more well-rounded man to accept and enjoy his hidden beta tendencies. Lighthearted, with an emphasis on fun and pleasure, Stretched at the Clinic was an erotic surprise that has me excited to explore more of Guy's stacks.

I'm Guy Stacks and I write raunchy, explicit smut - just the way it ought to be. I've got a lot of wild stories in my head drawn from years of sexual experiences and encounters. I doubt there are asylum patients who've done crazier stuff than I have.

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