Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The nice English couple who met the latex nuns by John Hansen (#femdom #pegging)

At first glance, The nice English couple who met the latex nuns seems to have little going for it. That is more a sentence than a title; the cover is rather generic; and the blurb is pretty simple. Despite that, I was intrigued, and I am delighted that I took a chance on John Hansen's kinky little fantasy.

Very simple scenario here - a couple's car breaks down, they have no cell service, so they approach the forbidding old mansion for help. If this were a Gothic horror story, you would know what was coming next. Instead of sinister butlers, mad scientists, or crazy old ladies, however, they are met by a beautiful woman in a latex nun's outfit, who not invites them inside, but offers them the chance to apply for membership.

This is a short story, a little lighter on the details than I would have liked, but a fun one. There are some delightful scenes of lesbian submission with a nice verbal element to them, and a decent bit of male submission as well, complete with nipple clamps and butt plugs. There is talk of pegging as well but, sadly, most of that takes place off the page.

All in all, an enjoyable fantasy, but I would have loved more detail.
The women in John Hansen's stories are often dominant, lusting for power, manipulative and/or in charge of the situation. In his writings you will find femdom-stories, step-mom-stories, science-fiction, everyday tales or adventure stories.

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