Tuesday, August 21, 2018

A Trio of One-Handed Quickies (#crossdressing #futa #lesbian #taboo)

The Masturbatorium of Dr. Wrong sounded like a hot story with a lot of potential, but I was pleasantly surprised by how well Brooklyn Mayflower followed it through. When her father passes away, he leaves Kayla and her new step-mom in a tense situation, forcing an unusual approach to resolving their differences. Kayla's immediately suspicious of the BDSM-themed dungeon that Dr. Wong calls his treatment room, but she is trapped by a promise and desperate to cut her step-mom out of the picture.

What follows is a fantastic story of mental conditioning, bondage, and coerced sexuality. The taboo element of the older/younger woman, brat/MILF, step-mom/step-daughter relationship is very well played, and the lesbian seduction is delicious. As much as part of me wishes there were more to the story, it ends on a high note, and leaves us to dream of what might come next.

Smooth and Silky was too short for my tastes, and glosses over some of the scenes I would have most loved to explore, but it was still a delightful bit of fun. Erica Smooth knows how to tease a fetish and build a relationship, with the relationship between John and Gina almost as enjoyable as the pantyhose fetish and first forays into crossdressing.

It is a fun, sensual story that offers some wonderful visuals and some electric sensations of pantyhose on naked, newly shaved legs, as well as (even more exciting) pantyhose on pantyhose. There is some lovely exhibitionism as well, including a very naughty scene beneath a restaurant table, and more than enough detail for foot fetishists, but its strongest appeal is its straight crossdressing romance.

Seduced By The Futa Milf was my first literary encounter with River Belle (who also writes as Candy Banger), which is a bit of a shock because I have so many of her stories in my library. The story felt a little odd, almost as if it started as a professor/student relationship, before the decision was made to turn her into a mom/MILF. She is a clever, if unorthodox seductress, and I like that her approach is more along the lines of bribery than blackmail. I also appreciated the fact that Professor Paulton is not a horrible lech or a total pervert, but a decent man and good teacher, who just happen to have a weakness for beautiful, big-breasted, big-bottomed women.

The negotiation of grades, leading to the seduction of the professor, was well-done, and his eventual breaking is entirely believable. I loved how the scene went from slow burn, to hot sex, to even hotter surprise, and the futa-on-male scenes are well done. I wish there had been more to those scenes, because it is an under-represented fetish, but it was still a delicious treat.

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