Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Pumped by the Bodybuilding Thugs by Whitney Ryan (#sissy #BBC #erotica)

Everything about this screams trashy. The cover, the title, even the blurb: One cute white sissy. Three thugged-out black muscle gods. No mercy. It is an edgy and provocative way to introduce a story, which can be a problem when all you are getting is a few pages of porn, but Pumped by the Bodybuilding Thugs is a fully developed story with plot, character development, narrative tension, detailed settings, and realistic erotica.

As Whitney Ryan reminds us with her Interracial Sissy Story, it is possible to be both trashy and literary, and this was an extraordinarily exciting read that hooked me from the start.

Whitney does a wonderful job of setting up the story, situating us at the intersection of the edge of decaying black housing projects, and a newly gentrified neighborhood of predominantly white college students. She carries that cultural clash through to the gym itself, with the main floor being a clean, well-lit space where the cute white girls do their cardio, and the basement being a dark, humid space where black bodybuilding thugs pump iron.

It all creates racial and cultural tension, establishes a sense of danger, and (most importantly) justifies Will's place in both the story and the community. We get to explore the tentative, awkward insertion of an effeminate white boy into a world of dangerous black masculinity, an ultimately unsuccessful effort that leaves him frustrated, and prompts him to try a new approach. Far too many stories like this go straight for the hardcore sex, but it is far more interesting to watch Will struggle to be noticed, much less accepted.

Jealous of T-Real's harem of white groupie girls, Will decides he needs to play the part, and the level of detail in that scene is absolutely delicious. Whitney conveys both the thrill of crossdressing, and the experimental joy of experiencing it for the first time. I loved how Will's feminine side emerged, and how that new persona emboldened him to overcome his fears and deliberately put himself in potentially even greater danger, knowing he needs to risk it all in order to ask for his reward. I also appreciated the fact that it was not some impossibly perfect transformation that leaves him completely unrecognizable. He does make a very passable girl, but it does not take long for T-Real's spotting partners to recognize him, which creates a whole new level of delicious tension.

As for the sex, Whitney does a superb job with those scenes. It is rough, intense, and overwhelming. Will is completely overpowered, at their mercy, and used like the pretty white sex toy he always wanted to be. Of course, the men are incredibly well-endowed - this is a fantasy, after all - but the use of poppers and lube, combined with erotic foreplay, make the ultimate penetration realistic. There is physical pain and discomfort, gagging and tears, but there is also intellectual stimulation and emotional fulfillment. Will is used roughly, verbally abused, claimed like property, and thoroughly Pumped by the Bodybuilding Thugs . . . exactly as he always dreamed.

Whitney Ryan is kinky for a living. When she isn't writing erotic stories or creating niche content online, she dominates clients as a professional domme. Business and pleasure are one and the same. On the rare occasion she's away from her loft, Whitney travels the world collecting exciting stories. Her focus is on nuanced, rich, psychologically brutal erotic stories. She specializes in interracial, cuckoldry, sissification, feminization, domination, and the artful destruction of the ego. She aims to please, and she adores loyal readers.


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