Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Feminized and Pretty 3 by Lady Alexa (#femdom #feminization #CNFM)

Patrick was a struggling musician when he caught the eye of Elisabeth Remington, a wealthy woman he thought he could use and discard for her fortune - but she saw in him a weak, malleable man, ready to be force-feminized (Feminized and Pretty 1) and de-maled and humiliated (Feminized and Pretty 2) by a vengeful wife.

With Feminized and Pretty 3, the final chapter in Patrick's story, Lady Alexa does some really exciting things in exploring how he has been turned into a submissive sexy girl.

For one, she really gets into the submissive mindset and into the overall power exchange, contrasting Patrick's growing comfort and acceptance of his femininity with Elisabeth's increasing desire to see him uncomfortable and humiliated. There is a fine line between them, a place where forced feminization fantasies end and surgical gender transformation nightmares begin, and she exploits it in some surprising ways.

The other thing this book does really well is explore the difference between female domination and a female led relationship, with 'relationship' being the key term. The introduction of Elena into the story was a wonderful surprise, and it had me excited, even as I worried she would just lead Patrick down an even darker path. She allows Lady Alexa to explore so many of the concepts and philosophies she writes about on her blog, and reminds readers that forced feminization, pegging, chastity, and more can come with genuine affection attached. For instance, we see Patrick forcefully penetrated and milked by Elisabeth, and then we see him achieving orgasm while being erotically pegged by Elena, and we understand the same act can have very different outcomes based on the intent behind it.

Of course, all of that adds a whole new level of tension to the story, placing Patrick in an increasingly more difficult situation. We see him struggle against both fear and hope, and we share his panic when it seems things are destined to cross that fine line I mentioned earlier. I was genuinely unsure of how it all would end, and even less certain as to whether Elena would prove to be a cruel tease, an unattainable goal, or a worse monster than Elisabeth. I will let you discover the answer for yourself, but I will say this was the best book of the trilogy, a story that does everything right, and which really ends things on a high note.

Alexa Martinez is an author and a blog writer from London England writing under her femdom scene name of Lady Alexa. She is an advocate of female domination and writes about femdom, forced feminisation, gender transformation and male humiliation. Her blog is a true-life account of living in a female led relationship with her submissive feminised husband.

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