Monday, September 24, 2018

Sex Crazy Latex Dolls by Charlie B. (#latex #lesbian #bisexual #bdsm)

While there is not a lot of plot to it, Sex Crazy Latex Dolls is exquisite spank-bank entertainment, with the intertwined stories serving to develop some deliciously decadent, and wonderfully vibrant characters. Charlie B. knows his way around sex toys and latex fetishes, and his fondness for games of sexual domination and submission make this a powerful, toe-cramping read!

Highly-sexed latex-clad beauties are at the heart of these tales, connected by their role as high-priced escorts, and by the men (and women) who employ them. These are women who are genuinely aroused by the look and feel of latex - the tightness of the material, the way it confines their movements, the way it accentuates their assets, and the way it shimmers and shines when well-lubed. It is an extremely sensual story, with Charlie B. absolutely nailing the sensory details that allow us to slip inside (or alongside) these costumes.

As for the sex, it is intense and varied, with everything from solo masturbation, to lesbian encounters, to bisexual threesomes, to no-holds-barred group sex encounters. We have incredibly well-endowed men to pleasure our latex dolls, copious amounts of ejaculation to shower them, monstrous dildos to fill them, and sexual machines to wear them out. On top of that, dialogue is an important part of the story, with verbal commands and seduction playing a big role in these scenes, both scripted and unplanned.

If you can finish Sex Crazy Latex Dolls without at least one screaming orgasm, then you should probably see a physician. I recommend enjoying it slowly, one story at a time, to maximize the experience.

Well my name is Charlie B but you already know that. I live in the UK, Bromley, Kent, any GR peeps close by, friend me by all means. I write hot steamy stories. Why, well because if it turns me on I hope it will do the same for you, guy or girl!

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