Monday, September 10, 2018

Sissy For My Sister's Futa Sorority! by Riley Rodman

Sissy For My Sister's Futa Sorority! was a fun read, and one that wasted no time getting to the good stuff, but it just felt a little thin for my tastes. Riley Rodman has a wicked imagination, and I love the interplay of female domination, futa sexuality, and forced feminization, but at times it felt like too much tell, not enough show.

The concept is hot, if a bit more taboo-breaking than the blurb might lead you to expect. 

In the first book, Caught by my Sister’s Futa Sorority, Todd gets invited to spend the weekend with his sister at her sorority, and is immediately caught going through another girl's panties. When the girls decide to teach him a lesson, he goes along with it to keep his sister from finding out, but it is not long before she joins in the debauchery. The second book, Sissified in Public by the Futa Sorority!, sees Todd put on display as the sorority's new sissy mascot, involving him in some hazing and initiation games that require him to seduce a guy and bring him back to the sorority. Sissy Maid for the Futa Sorority, the final book, is where Todd - now Tina - gets his happily-ever-after as the permanent sissy maid and submissive slut for the sorority girls.

Lots of fun plot points there to explore, and the sex is gloriously messy, with buckets of cum all over, but the erotic scenes just felt a little too rushed, with too little sensory detail to make them really come alive. There is not a lot of personality to the girls, but there is one interesting relationship between Todd and Marci, a sorority pledge, that I thought really showed Riley at their best. By no means a bad read, one-handed or otherwise, but I would love to see just a bit more depth of description.

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