Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Tamed by the Alien by Adrienne Blake (#erotica #alien #bdsm)

My oh my, Tamed by the Alien was just a delicious read! Adrienne Blake is not afraid to put a little edge, a little drama and personal conflict into the story, and that makes a fun erotic romp just a bit more significant.

Megan and Kate are the kind of girls you want dragging you out for a night on the town, best friends with very different tastes and personalities, but an emotional bond that means they are always there for one another - even if abducted by super-hot-OMG-sexy aliens. The way they respond to their abduction, with one giving herself over entirely to the BDSM-themed thrills, and the other fighting the control every step of the way, is what makes this such an exciting read.

In terms of plausibility, the girls take to their abduction a little too well, with even Kate a little too accepting of (a) the existence of aliens, (b) their kidnapping, and (c) the idea they may never see home again. In terms of fantasy, it is a fun scenario that the girls actually joke about beforehand, the aliens are sexy Masters to have, and the sex is . . . well, at the risk of sounding cheesy, out-of-this-world! The spankings were where the story got its hooks into me, and the collars where it demanded my surrender.

There is also an interesting sci-fi subplot behind it all, one that explores who the aliens are, why they want our women, and what kind of conflict they are embroiled in. It may not be as fully explored as some sci-fi fantasy might desire, but it is far more than we get in most erotic romances, and I enjoyed it.
Adrienne lives in the Poconos, hates the cold but loves the mountains. Unabashed cat lover and writer of naughty fantasy. Feed her coffee and chocolate and she'll write forever.

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