Thursday, November 15, 2018

#TransAwarenessWeek: Timeless Dance by Karen Shiffman Lateiner (#transgender #memoir)

I think that anyone who has had a child, if they admit it or not, on some level lives in dread they will get that phone call. "Are you the parent of ...?"

In this poignant tale about the death of her child, author Karen Shiffman Lateiner, describes and processes her feelings eloquently in relation to this tragic loss. But "Timeless Dance: A Story of Change and Loss" is a story not just about death. It is actually both a love story and a survival tale in the face of the worst possible thing that can happen to a parent. It offers a multilevel view into the love of family and how survivors must go on and live their life, now totally changed, a part of them always honoring the memory of their loved one lost.

And because death is the great equalizer, the author has put into perspective for us all, how a child's gender change, though often a shocking loss for most parents, can be dealt with in an eloquent and graceful manner and in the final analysis, pales by comparison to the death of a child.

Karen Shiffman Lateiner and her family lived in Montclair for nearly thirty years before she and her husband retired to travel the country by motorhome before settling in Phoenix, AZ.  Informed by her Jewish roots, the author speaks frankly of her experiences of family, joy, death, grief, gender, and the power of the human spirit. 

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