Wednesday, September 5, 2018

With or Without You by P Nelson (#erotica #thriller #bdsm)

Somewhat reminiscent of The Killer Wore Leather, but less humorous and more darkly romantic, With or Without You was a compelling read that kept me up way too long after bed. P Nelson does not just build a great thriller, she does not just weave a believable romance, she does all of that while being authentic about the BDSM scene and the power-exchange dynamic.

At the heart of the story is Mistress Thea, a well-respected Dominatrix who is also a Vancouver police detective, faced with a killer - The Reverend - who is threatening her career as much as her community. With the politics of public relations rearing their ugly head, she is not only taken off the case, but threatened with outing to her friends and family. The case brings her back to Master Dillon (who readers met in the previous book, although this serves find as a standalone read), who is both a pornstar and a Dominant. He is eager to help, but his price is Mistress Thea's submission.

There was so much to love about this. The mystery/thriller aspect is very strong, and will have you genuinely concerned for the community, and properly engaged with the characters. Be warned, the scenes of (and following) Thea's abduction are dark and painful, but the story would not work nearly half as well without those stakes being raised. The budding romance and power exchange between Thea and Dillon is, of course, the most fascinating aspect of the story, pushing boundaries, crossing lines, and experimenting with roles, and her ability to submit is tied directly to that abduction. Along those lines, the scenes at The Cage are exquisite, with the BDSM details realistically portrayed, complete with after-care and emotional bonds as well as physical ones.

With or Without You is not all darkness and pain - the bad kind, I mean - so please do not let me give you the wrong impression. This is a wonderful BDSM romance peopled by characters you will love and care about, even if you know nothing about the scene.

P Nelson started publishing her Dom's of the Cage series last year with her debut novel Take My Hand. She is currently working on several titles for 2018. Master Dillon and Mistress Thea's story With or Without You is scheduled for release for May 11th and Nelson is currently working on Wicked Game scheduled for release in late summer. Most days she can be found dividing her time between her laptop and her very energetic toddler.

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