Monday, October 8, 2018

Erotic Selections from Erik Amando (#shemale #bisexual #femdom)

Erik Amando (who also writes as John Arrington) is an author I have had my eye on for a while now. Not only does he regularly appear in my Freebie Fetish Friday feature, but he is known for exploring shemale-on-male erotic, which seems to be a taboo fetish for many authors. With some rare free time on my hands this weekend, I decided to indulge a bit, and work my way through a selection of his stories.

My Night with Ken and Sarah was, as it turns out, a perfect story with which to begin my Erik Amando experience. It is the story of a young man who hooks up with an attractive couple he met online - a bisexual husband and his transsexual wife. Amando does a lovely job of setting a realistic scene, first establishing safe-sex precautions, and then opening with nervous introductions and casual conversation over drinks. The erotic elements are introduced slowly, naturally, as the trio become more comfortable, and I loved that Scott was open to to pleasing both his hosts. The sex is realistic, with plenty of foreplay, preparation, and lubrication, and the details are very sensual. Just a wonder, sex-positive, gender-positive story.

Ms. Johansson is a kinky, taboo tale of an 18-year-old high school student and the hottest teacher in school, who asks him to stay after class to discuss his tardiness. This is pure fantasy, but I loved the commitment to it, and the ways in which Amando suggests a bigger story about Ms. Johansson status among the other teachers. What begins as a tease, soon turns to seduction, and while I know some readers are not comfortable with the surprise reveal, it works here because of how open Charles is to it . . . how he reacts with aroused curiosity rather than shock . . . and how there is no hesitation to please this beautiful woman. The sex here is a little awkward if you think about it too much - school desks are not the most accommodating to such positions - but it is very erotic, with some lovely clean-up flourishes.

An Adult Bookstore Adventure is a dirty, sordid, risky tale of public exhibitionism and experimentation that appealed to me because Amando did such a good job of capturing the young man's nervous excitement. When the video booths at  Las Vegas adult bookstore prove anti-climactic, he decides to indulge his curiosity and step into the adult theater. With public sex acts going on all around him, he welcomes the attention of a beautiful woman, and soon finds himself sharing her (and himself) with a strange man. This was largely a story of bisexual experimentation, with most of the story focused on being shared with that strange man, which makes the big reveal of what is in her panties almost a casual after-thought, which I liked. There was no big 'gotcha' moment, just a realization before their pleasure finds its climax in the darkened theater.

My First Encounter with a Shemale is a sweet, sensual tale of discovery and exploration that I quite enjoyed. Amando puts a polite, nervous young man at the forefront of the story, and introduces him to a friendly, patient, and accommodating shemale. It reads more like a first date than a hookup through the personals, with a little conversation, some flirting, and a slow exploration of bodies. It is a rather short story, focused mostly on him giving a first blowjob to Karen, but that is okay. Not every encounter ends with hot-and-dirty sex, and sometimes a story feels just right limiting itself to oral exploration. I enjoyed it.

My First Time is an adolescent fantasy come true, the story of a young man who recognizes the stunning red head at the grocery store as one of his favorite shemale porn stars. He shyly introduces himself, she confirms he knows who she really is, and then she invites him back to her place. I loved that Amando took care of total disclosure up-front, avoiding any surprise, and allowing Dani to be hot precisely because she is a shemale. What I loved even more was that this beautiful porn star is still a real woman, and she takes her time with the young man, slowly introducing him to everything she has to offer, rather than forcefully take charge of the situation. There is some sexy dialogue here, great moments of erotica, and plenty of sensory pleasures to be enjoyed.

Erik Amando is an American Writer who found his niche in Erotic Short Stories and Novels. While he enjoys writing about all types of sexuality, he has found his imagination takes him towards the Transgender Erotica.


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