Monday, October 1, 2018

Guys Gone Girls: Sorority Sissies by Courtney Captisa and Claire Bear (#feminization #chastity)

Guys Gone Girls: Sorority Sissies is a wacky college comedy where just about anything can go wrong, and does, with some rather alarming consequences. As far-fetched as the concept may be, I loved how fully committed Courtney Captisa and Claire Bear were to it, and just how far they took it, with two pivotal twists that change everything.

Zeta Zeta Beta used to be one of the hottest sororities on campus, with over 75 members in its hottest year. Unfortunately, when its hazing practices hit national headlines - multiple pledges died or were committed to a mental institution! - it began going downhill. With just 5 girls this year, they are in danger of having their status revoked unless they can find 10 more.

No amount of begging or pleading has helped, even with the girls who couldn't make it into another sorority, but then there is a glimmer of hope. Danielle catches her brother crossdressing in her things, and when she suggests he pledge the sorority . . . well, what guy would pass up the chance at that? Where things first start to go wrong is when Danielle's boyfriend balks at the idea of helping out, so she decides to forcibly feminize him and blackmail him into pledging too.

Where things really go wrong is when the sorority's practices are called into question, and their diversity defense backfires, requiring the crossdressing sissies to not only live full-time as girls, but agree to gender counseling. Of course, if you know anything about Courtney and Claire, that is just where is starts getting good!

This is a story that moves from fetish and fantasy, to real-life drama, to (for some) a happily ever after they could have never anticipated. The actual pledging of the sorority is full of sexy, embarrassing, humiliating challenges, and life as a sorority sister is equally full of confusion, excitement, and arousal. The new girls are a diverse group, with real personalities, and watching them interact with one another as they adapt to the situation is quite delightful. There is a villain to the story, a woman who tries to bring the whole house crashing down, and she leads the story into its final twist, which sort of brings the whole fantasy full-circle.

For all the forced feminization and humiliation, Guys Gone Girls: Sorority Sissies is actually a largely gender-positive story, and one that carries a message of acceptance. Danielle does cross a line that casts a shadow over the final pages, but it is one that turns out okay.

[In the interest of full disclosure, while I had the great pleasure of providing editorial assistance on the manuscript, the actual writing and story creation is solely the work of the author]

Courtney Captisa has had a strong interest in transformation since childhood. In her early teens, she discovered several webpages such as Fictionmania. She enjoys writing clean stories.

Reviewed by Sally

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